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    —Flynn's catchphrase

Flynn is a Mabu pilot who is one of the main supporting characters in the Skylanders series. Calling himself the "best pilot in all of Skylands", he is armed with a big ego and a love for enchiladas. He has a crush on another Mabu named Cali


Flynn is notable for his very over-confident personality, especially when it comes to "the ladies". He often calls himself 'the greatest pilot in all of Skylands'. He also tends to put himself in the spotlight, often taking credit for things the Skylander does. In addition, Flynn can be accident-prone and silly while adventuring with the Skylanders.[1]

Although he has an inflated opinion of himself, Flynn does have a good heart and is extremely optimistic.[2] He is also courageous, as evident in The Machine of Doom when he was held captive by Kaos, Flynn was willing to sacrifice himself for the Skylanders to leave with an item that could give Kaos ultimate power. On a few occasions, Flynn isn't the smartest person in the group, but is very knowledgeable about flight equipment. As displayed in Swap Force, he relies too much on machinery and isn't used to different ways of traveling around apart from using a ship.


The Machine of Doom

Flynn was helping Hugo warn the Skylanders on what the both of them had seen in the Mabu Market. However, upon arriving on Eon's island, Flynn's hot air balloon went out of control and crash landed in the garden, nearly crushing Boomer, had Spyro not saved the troll.

Boomer soon helped Flynn repair his hot air balloon, and the balloonist later assisted the Skylanders on their mission to get the Chattering Key that resided in the Forest of Fear. While the Skylanders were within the forest, Kaos captured Flynn and used him to force the Skylanders into giving the tyrant the Chattering Key in exchange for Flynn's life. Flynn told Spyro not to give the key to Kaos, as the Mabu was willing to sacrifice himself for the Skylanders' mission. The young dragon, not willing to sacrifice Flynn, gave Kaos the Chattering Key, but the tyrant soon used Flynn as a hostage to keep the Skylanders from following the evil Portal Master. Inside the Pyramid of Just Rewards, Flynn was held dangling above the flames of the chamber by Glumshanks, until he was eventually freed by Eruptor and later escaped the crumbling pyramid along with the heroes.

Skylanders: Mask of Power series

Lightning Rod Faces the Cyclops Queen

Drobot Flynn

Flynn being saved from the wreckage of his balloon by the Tech Skylander, Drobot.

Flynn was taking Hugo, Squirmgrub and Double Trouble to the Storm Titan Games to inform Master Eon of the location of the next segment to the Mask of Power. However Lightning Rod's stray hammer crashed into Flynn's air balloon, causing it to spiral out of control. The passengers, including Flynn himself, were saved from the crash by Drobot. Afterwards, Hugo informed Eon of the next fragment to the Mask of Power.

After Cali was taken by Kaos, Flynn helped the Skylanders by chasing after Kaos' Drow airship in his air balloon. The Mabu later took part in helping the Skylanders retrieve the Air segment to the Mask of Power.

Stump Smash Crosses the Bone Dragon

Flynn transported Stump Smash, Wrecking Ball, Countdown and Flameslinger to the Giggling Forest where they soon came under attack by the angry Bone Dragon. Flynn's air balloon became petrified by the Bone Dragon, leaving them stranded and vulnerable for attack. After driving the Dragon off, the Skylanders were able to send a distress signal and were picked up by Lightning Rod.

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

Flynn helped out Hugo in seeking out the new Portal Master and the returning Skylanders on the Shattered Island. He later helps out the Skylanders in favor of taking down Kaos, and also due to Cali's involvement. The Balloonist took the heroes by transporting them to the first three areas using his hot-air balloon in Skylands: Perilous Pastures, Sky Schooner Docks, and Stormy Stronghold. Flynn afterwards stayed in the Ruins, but would give balloon rides to the Skylanders all the while talking about himself and other various things.

After Kaos' defeat, Flynn stood by Cali and Hugo next to a captive Kaos, and complained about the tyrant's ramblings. This caught the attention of Cali as she finally noticed something that both she and Flynn agree on, thus making them more mutually friendly towards each other, and she complimented the balloonist that he's okay when he's not saying something ridiculous, to which Flynn responds with a 'back at ya'. As Kaos was sent to Earth by Hugo, Flynn remarked about how fast the teleportation was.

Skylanders: Giants

After the events of Spyro's Adventure, Flynn gained a large amount of reward money for supposedly 'defeating Kaos'. He wasted the reward money on a cursed ship called the Dread-Yacht, which he used to help the Skylanders travel to find the Lost City of Arkus to beat Kaos to the Iron Fist of Arkus. During the course of the adventure, it is revealed that Flynn had gained a few enemies after borrowing a few gold pieces from Captain Dreadbeard, Bowers and ghost pirates, but never gave them back.

After Kaos was defeated again, Flynn modestly appreciated his crew on his ship for their part on the adventure, even revealing that he would turn over a new leaf by becoming more humble, much to Cali's surprise and satisfaction.

Skylanders: Swap Force

While on vacation at the Cloudbreak Islands, Flynn was thrust into another adventure when a fox girl named Tessa ran into him seeking the help of the Skylanders. After escaping from their pursuers, which resulted in the Dread-Yacht taking heavy damage during the chase, the Mabu pilot was guided to Woodburrow where the task of retrieving the Ancient Elementals and stopping Kaos and his mother were given to the Skylanders.

In the Tower of Time adventure pack, Flynn travelled to Clock Town with the Skylanders to help the Time Keepers stop Cluck from restarting time. As soon as they arrived, Flynn encountered his past self and instantly developed an instant friendship with him due to their equal personalities.

In the Sheep Wreck Island storyline, Flynn was turned into a sheep upon being discovered by the villainous Sheep Mage. He was turned back to normal when the Skylanders defeated the Sheep Mage and destroyed his Sheep Staff that contained all of his magic.

3DS Version

Flynn is hailed as a hero to the inhabitants of his hometown, so much that the villagers believe the Skylanders are Flynn's 'sidekicks'. When Count Moneybone struck, Flynn went along on the adventure to rescue Cali and stop Moneybone from ruling the land of the living.

Skylanders: Trap Team

Flynn was present during the grand opening of the Skylanders Academy with Cali and Hugo. After the Skylanders saved Soda Springs from The Gulper, he assisted the Skylanders on their journey. During an aerial battle on Chef Zeppelin, Flynn sustained some damage from the attack and returned to the Skylanders Academy to recover. After a few chapters, Flynn was able to get back to helping the Skylanders, even forming a friendship with Kaos when the evil Portal Master joined the heroes to get back at the Doom Raiders.

In the Mirror Dimension, Flynn is an evil pilot who serves Evilon, the evil counterpart of Master Eon. His catchphrase is "DOOM" and enjoys dropping bombs upon the good Trolls residing in the mirror world.

Skylanders: Rift into Overdrive

Flynn participated in the last day of school party at the Skylanders Academy. When Kaos escaped and strange rifts began appearing around Skylands, Flynn "volunteered" to transport Jet-Vac, Stealth Elf, Terrafin and Gill Grunt to Know-It-All Island to learn more about the Rift Engines.

Skylanders: SuperChargers

Flynn, along with Hugo, Cali and other prisoners were locked up onboard Count Moneybone's airship. They successfully made contact with the young Portal Master after Kaos cut them off from Skylands. While opening a rift to Skylands for the Skylanders, Flynn interfered with the process and caused the Rift to lose stability twice until Hugo restored balance. Flynn and the others were soon freed by the Skylanders and escaped back to the Skylanders Academy.

Skylanders: Imaginators

Flynn was carrying a large stack of sandwiches around Skylanders Academy when he was interrupted by Spyro and Stealth Elf's race. He later became trapped in the Academy Library when the Sorcerer Doomlander attacked but was rescued by the Skylander.



Flynn constantly flirts with Cali on numerous occasions, only for the female Mabu to turn down his attempts. Despite liking Cali, Flynn mentioned to the Skylander that he intends to keep the lines open for all the ladies, but tells the Skylander not to tell Cali that. In the 3DS version of Swap Force however, Flynn was more concerned about the stolen gold statue of his likeness than Cali, who was immoralized by Count Moneybone and kidnapped.


Flynn at first found Buzz to be a bit of a show-off, but grew fond of him over the course of the story. It is heavily implied that both Flynn and Buzz may have a connection.



  • Flynn resembles a caracal in appearance, but with rings around his eyes and a koala-shaped nose.
  • His humorous one-liners, combined with Patrick Warburton's excellent voice acting, makes him one of most popular side characters of the game to fans.
  • After beating Spyro's Adventure, you may ask him to go on a balloon ride again, even though he would have said 'no' to the player before when the sky became the orange color. When he does this, he has slightly different comments for what the player sees.
  • As shown in Skylanders: Giants, Flynn isn't allowed on quite a few islands, varying in reasons from owing money to trying to steal a compass worshiped by Drow.
    • The 3DS version of Giants has him captured for winning a piece of the map to the Chest of Exile in a card game, implying bets might be another reason behind his reputation.
  • Flynn doesn't read.[3]
    • Despite this, he wrote the Meditations on Boom, as well an autobiography in Nightmare Express.
  • Flynn is extremely similar to Buzz in terms of personality.
  • Patrick Warburton is extremely dedicated and focused when performing the voice work for Flynn.[1]
  • He claims to have found love in the Junkyard Isles, though this was likely intended as an attempt to make Cali jealous.
  • In the level Autogyro Adventure he laments, "I miss my balloon." upon crashing.
    • During the credits, Flynn's balloon can be seen in the background after Flynn pilots the 'dingy' away. While it's hard to say, it looks like there is someone in the balloon.
  • Flynn breaks the fourth wall in the credits of the console versions of Spyro's Adventure and Giants.
  • He, the Chompy Mage, Sharpfin, and Buzz love enchiladas.
    • Coincidentally, they were all introduced in different games, except for Kaos who mentions liking them, but keeps it between him and the Skylander.
    • According to Flynn in Trap Team, sharing enchiladas with another individual is an unbreakable bond.
  • Despite saying that he'll be more humble in the final cutscene of Giants, Flynn will still brag a bit when the player talks to him after beating the final level. He also states at the very end of the final cutscene that the "BOOM is back!" implying he may have changed his minds about being humble. This is also evident in Swap Force, when he still tries to take credit for the heroics the Skylanders did.
  • In both Giants and Swap Force, he says "Ultimate Boom" in the end.
  • Flynn's "Magic Volcano Hat" can be unlocked as a wearable hat for Skylanders in Swap Force by completing the game in Nightmare Mode (console versions) or Hard Mode (3DS version).
  • Flynn has three fingers during gameplay of Spyro's Adventure and Giants but has four fingers in the cutscenes of both games.
  • Being the NPC that allows the player to progress in the story mode most of the time, he usually has specific lines if you refuse to go to the levels, sometimes reacting with passive aggressive remarks or agreeing with the need for more preparation.
  • Flynn makes cameos in Skylanders: Battlecast card art, such as Entangle and Anvilite.
  • One of the head parts in Skylanders: Imaginators is based in Flynn's head.
  • Though Flynn had at least two focus episodes planned for Season 2 of Skylanders Academy, he was cut entirely due to budget constraints. [4] He is however confirmed to appear in Season 3. [5]


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