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Flavius is a red dragon who appears in the console versions of the Skylanders series. He is the character who takes you to the Dragon's Peak.


Flavius isn't the brightest dragon, but he is extremely loyal to the Dragon King, Ramses.


Once at Dragon's Peak, Flavius explained to the Skylander the events that lead to the trouble in the island of Scalos. He convinced the Dragon King, Ramses, to go flying with him to stretch his wings a little. However, while they were flying, Vathek, Ramses's evil brother, sat on the Dragon's Throne, making him king of Dragon's Peak. As Vathek gained the power of the Dragon's Throne, he cursed Ramses, turning his brother into stone. Flavius blamed himself for what happened and pleaded to the Skylander to save their true king and Dragon's Peak from Vathek's rule. The red dragon knight was notable for taking the Skylander through the dangerous skies to parts of the Peak that will lead them to the Dragon's Throne and Vathek.

After the Skylander confronted Vathek and defeated his minions, the evil dragon was then prompted to face the Skylander himself and jumped off the Dragon's Throne to engage them in battle. Flavius then took his chance to sit on the Dragon's Throne, giving him complete rule over Dragon's Peak. Using the throne's power, Flavius turned Vathek to stone as punishment for betraying Ramses, before giving back Ramses' position on the throne as king. This action made Ramses curious since Flavius could have kept the Throne for himself, but he didn't. Flavius responded that there is only one true king of Dragon's Peak, and that is Ramses himself, until the day he decides to resign as king. Moved by Flavius's loyalty, Ramses then mentioned that when the day he is done with the Dragon's Throne, he knows exactly who will take his place.


When you're playing in Dragon's Peak, at about four points in the level you will find a dragon horn. When you blow the horn, Flavius will come and your Skylanders will jump onto him. You will get to control where Flavius flies to dodge rocks and attack air mines with fireballs.


  • "I sure never get sick of this!"
  • "Take that you dumb... mine!"
  • "Did I forget to mention that flying can also be dangerous?"
  • "Oh I could fly like this for days. In fact, I often do!
  • "Isn't flying the only way to... uh you know... fly?"



  • Flavius is one of the only playable characters that isn't a Skylander, only being playable in Dragon's Peak.The other instances are in Arkeyan Armory and the Secret Vault of Secrets since you play as an Arkeyan Robot and Machine Ghost respectively, and in the Dream Sheep's Dominion as the Sleep Dragon.
  • There is a glitch in Spyro's Adventure which makes you fall through the ground, allowing you to see Flavius underneath the island before you summon him.
  • Flavius is designed after Spyro's original look from Spyro's Kingdom, where he was an adult dragon with a scaly beard and prominent head spikes rather than a crest.[1] Notably, his segmented tail is identical to Spyro's in his CGI cutscene, unlike ingame where it's cone-shaped.
    • Possibly, he took on this appearance to resemble the scrapped Skylander Fire Dragon, which was in turn replaced by Spyro.


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