“Flashfin keeps things from gettin' fishy.”
    —Snagglescale's grandpappy

The Ancient Flashfin is a large, fish-like creature that resides in Mudwater Hollow, serving as its protector. He is one of the four Ancient Elementals in the Cloudbreak Islands.


Despite his brief time on-screen, the Flashfin is one who doesn't tolerate those who attempt to harm innocent creatures and will lash out at evil-doers to protect those who can't defend themselves.


The Ancient Flashfin became a target for Kaos, who planned on evilizing the great fish to disrupt the ritual at Mount Cloudbreak needed to replenish the magic in Skylands.

At Mudwater Hollow, the Flashfin saved Tessa, Flynn, and Whiskers from two Greeble Airships by unleashing eye lasers upon the enemies. However, multiple evilizers threatened to turn the Flashfin into an evil version of himself. Luckily, the Skylanders saved the Flashfin, allowing him to return to Woodburrow safely.



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