Fizzland is the sixth chapter in Skylanders: Imaginators. It is a potion factory, where all of Pop Fizz's concoctions are made (and where a farmer's market is held every Sunday, which he does not recommend). It is under attack by Kaos and his minions as he searches for Pop Fizz's Beast Mode potion, hoping to make his Doomlanders more powerful and beastly.

Fizzland contains Fizz World potions, which will allow you to change from the Real World to the Fizz World. It is also filled with blob creatures, called globules, that are a necessary ingredient in potions.


  • Stop Kaos!
  • Sort the Globules

Areas to Find

  • Front Access to the Fizz Lab
  • The Codd Memorial
  • Fuzzy Forest Pass
  • Carbonation Chamber
  • Mixing Lab
  • Bubble Farm
  • Carbonation Crossing
  • Fizz Enhancement Testing Area
  • Tasting Room
  • Syrup Sorting Section
  • Gauntlet of Danger
  • Fizzland Front Entrance

New Enemies

Legendary Treasure

  • Legendary Ninja Selfie Frame

Soul Gems


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