This article is about species from the main game canon. You may be looking for the Fire Viper from the TV spinoff series.

Fire Vipers are colossal, snake-like monsters in the Skylanders series. For thousands of years, they are the preferred minions of Dark Portal Masters everywhere alongside the Hydra, the Sand Serpent, the Two-Headed Spider, and the less popular One-Legged Spider. They made their debut in Skylanders: Swap Force.


Fire Vipers possess the ability to breathe fire and blast molten spiked fireballs. They also hold the ability to fly. Their main weakness are the large Evilizer Crystals that grow on their heads and from inside their bodies that appear to be their life source.


Skylanders: Swap Force

A hundred years ago, several Fire Vipers were summoned by a dark figure to attack the Ancient Elementals atop Mount Cloudbreak, but the SWAP Force Skylanders were able to stop them. 

In the present, one Fire Viper was summoned by Kaos to prevent the Skylanders from saving the Ancient Terrasquid, but it was eventually defeated.

Skylanders: SuperChargers Racing

Two Fire Vipers, a red variant and a blue ice variant, act as Battle Chase bosses of the Frosty Volcano race track.

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  • Rattle Shake, Cobra Cadabra, Pit Boss and the Fire Vipers are currently the only known snake characters to have limbs.
  • A Fire Viper was mentioned in Wallop's backstory when it woke up from its slumber in the volcano Mount Scorch. The serpent then proceeded to attack the Trap Master's village until Wallop defeated the Fire Viper.
  • A Fire Viper makes a cameo in Stump Smash Crosses the Bone Dragon on the cover of one of Hugo's books entitled 'The Spotters' Guide to Hideous and Dangerous Monstrosities'. However, it is depicted as a regular snake with small horns on its head.[1]
  • Despite them having Petrified Darkness on their heads, they are not evilized.
    • The Strata artbook for Skylanders: Swap Force shows that at some point Fire Vipers were an evilized creature created from a Crystal Master, but their original appearance was not depicted.


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