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“You'll never get away with this, Fire Viper! Also you need the proper zonning permits from City Council to renovate this isle. And they'll never approve those for a fiend like you!”
    —King Pen, Belly of the Beast
“Then I'll just do it the way I do everything. Illegally.
    —Fire Viper, Belly of the Beast

Fire Viper is an evil, colossal serpent in the Skylanders Academy television series.



Fire Viper is a cunning and manipulative villain, always performing illegal deeds; though at times, he will act animalistic.


As his name indicates, Fire Viper can breathe fire from their mouths. Despite his small wings, he can move very quickly and silently, able to enter otherwise protected areas almost undetected. Because of his fiery abilities, his insides are hot, and though he can only swallow prey whole, it might quickly succumb to the temperature even if not immediately digested. Fire Viper and other members of his species are capable of secreting venom; what it does when injected into a victim is currently unknown.


Season 1

Holograms of the Fire Viper are used by in-training Skylanders to evaluate their prowess in group combat. In Missing Links, between breaks during their training, Team Spyro was attacked by the real Fire Viper that approached the islands near Skylanders Academy, and defeated him with the help of Cy's strategy and their coordination.

Season 2

Fire Viper confronted by Team Spyro, Cy and the cadets

Fire Viper returned in Belly of the Beast, attacking Cy and King Pen on Arctic Isle as revenge; though Cy barely escaped to ask Team Spyro for help during their senior counseling assignment. The evil serpent planned to illegally renovate King Pen's isle as the beginning of his revenge, but was halted when Team Spyro and the cadets arrived. Though at first the Skylanders were swallowed by the beast due to Cy's outburst, Bad Breath used his ability to cause the monster to throw them up, and the cadets promptly defeated him with their newfound confidence in teamwork. Though beaten once more, the beast's resilience in the frozen island confirmed King Pen's concerns that a force of darkness was empowering villains throughout Skylands.

Season 3

In Split, it is revealed that Fire Viper has a wife and son. When Team Spyro came to their den to gather a sample of Fire Viper venom to cure Spyro of his darkness, they accidentally awaken the viper family, who captured them to eat them later for breakfast. Hugo arrived to save the Skylanders, tying the Fire Vipers' tails together in a knot while they slept and collected venom from the young Fire Viper. Although the young fire viper tried to prevent their escape, the Skylanders evaded the Fire Vipers and escaped from their den with the venom.

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  • Fire Viper's insides

    According to Spyro, Fire Viper is the only monster that can attack Skylanders who haven't left the Academy.
  • Unlike his canon counterparts, Fire Viper has small wings on his back.
  • Though Fire Viper appeared animalistic in his first appearance, in Season 2 his actions were much more calculated and he now has the ability to speak. This is because the writers didn't have time to show the Viper's intelligence in Season 1.[1]
  • Despite the Fire Viper's fiery throat and insides, various furniture and even wooden objects are still stuck to the walls, infact.


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