The Fire Viper is a large snake-like monster who serves as one of the bosses in Skylanders: Swap Force. This particular Viper was summoned by Kaos to stop the Skylanders at Twisty Tunnels.


Apart from loyally serving Kaos, the Fire Viper seems to possess a childish demeanor, taking every chance to taunt and insult the Skylander while making their mission difficult.[1] However, it does have a serious side, as when the Skylanders saved the Terrasquid (a task the Fire Viper attempted to prevent from happening), it attacked Sharpfin and the Skylanders.


The Fire Viper shares its kind's ability to fly, as well as the power to breathe fire and blast fireballs at its opposing enemies. It can also create spiked lava spheres that move around the area.


The Fire Viper was summoned by the evil Portal Master, Kaos, to stop the Skylanders from attempting to save the Ancient Terrasquid at Twisty Tunnels. Although it coughed indestructible lava spheres to deter them through their trek across the area, the Skylanders managed to destroy the Evilizer Crystals around the tunnels and save the Terrasquid.

The Fire Viper then confronted the Skylander atop Serpent's Peak and engaged them in battle. With the help of Sharpfin and the Terrasquid, the Skylander was able to destroy the Evilizer Crystals that grew atop the Viper's head which served as its weak point. The monstrous snake swallowed the Skylander whole as a last resort in dealing with the heroes, only for the Skylander to find the last Evilizer Crystal and three Fire Geargolems waiting for them in the belly of the Fire Viper. As soon as the last Evilizer Crystal was destroyed, this caused the Fire Viper to have a case of indigestion, and it spat the Skylander back out before sinking down and exploding in a fiery blast.

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  • When the Fire Viper taunts the Skylanders, its last move is similar to its animation when it's sniffing.
  • The Fire Viper is similar to the Fire SuperCharger Spitfire, in appearance.


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