“You don't know 'hot' until you've met these guys.”
    —Ring of Heroes Relationship Description

Fire is one of the ten main elements in the Skylanders series. It is commonly associated with the color red and shades of orange closer to it, such as vermilion.


Fire is one of the most ancient sources of power in all of Skylands; even Hugo's research suggests that it existed even before written records began. Being the brightest of the elements, Fire plays an important role in helping keep The Darkness at bay. Skylanders powered by the Fire Element, such as Flameslinger and Eruptor, have proven highly effective in defending Skylands from the evil Kaos.[1]


Water is the natural enemy of Fire, and Fire Skylanders must be extra cautious when dealing with the Water Element, or they may find their flames well and extinguished.[2] In Skylanders: Ring of Heroes, Fire is strong against Air and Undead, but weak against Water and Tech.


Skylanders who are associated with this element uses the manipulation of fire to burn down and sear their foes. They can travel through lava unharmed and can use furnaces as teleporters after opening a Fire elemental gate. Fire Skylanders can also light up dark areas in certain levels (such as Darklight Crypt) with their attacks. Their abilities can defeat the Rotting Robbies (who can only be harmed by fire and cannons). Fire-based Skylanders stand on a pedestal made of flames when they're in their toy form.

In the turret sections of Skylanders: Trap Team, Fire Skylanders can use the ability Inferno, which defeats enemies instantly with an explosion. In Kaos Doom Challenge, their towers are furnace-powered flamethrowers, which can be upgraded into having even more fuel and bellows for hotter fire.

In Skylanders: SuperChargers, Fire-aligned Portal Master Powers include a damaging flame aura, attack boosts, and searing steam. Those are distributed in several conditions, and the names are as follows:

  • Flame Shield - Fire Skylanders get a damaging flame aura in a Fire Zone.
  • Scalding Entrance - Fire Skylanders hit enemies with damaging steam when summoned.
  • Searing Strike - Fire Skylander attacks have a chance to hit enemies with damaging steam.
  • Fiery Fuel - A chance for Fire Skylanders hit in a Fire Zone to gain a temporary Attack boost.
  • Fiery Desperation - Fire Skylanders get a damaging flame aura when their health is low.

Skylanders: Imaginators

Fire Imaginators can choose four abilities as their secondary attack:

Fire Elemental Imaginator Powers
The first two of these powers are unlocked at the start of the game, the other two are unlocked by leveling up your Imaginator.
Burning Dash
Mastered Burning Dash
Meteor Shower
Mastered Meteor Shower
Tri Flame
Mastered Tri Flame
Mastered Explosion
Original Power
Press Attack 2 to dash and leave a flaming trail behind.
View Upgrade
Price: 1500
Press Attack 2 to dash with a fire trail. Cross one trail with another for explosive results.
View Base Power
Original Power
Press Attack 2 to summon meteors.
View Upgrade
Price: 1500
Press Attack 2 to summon meteors, which leave explosives in their wake.
View Base Power
Unlocked at Level 3
Press Attack 2 to summon spinning flames.
View Upgrade
Price: 1500
Press Attack 2 to summon spinning flames that shoot explosive fireballs.
View Base Power
Unlocked at Level 5
Press Attack 2 for a powerful explosion.
View Upgrade
Price: 1500
Press Attack 2 for a powerful explosion that also increases your damage output.
View Base Power

The default color schemes for Fire Imaginators include Flame Strike, Crimson Flame, Hot Stuff, Spicy Mustard, Candle Light, Sizzle Spark and Magna Might. Parts unlocked by Fire Creation Crystals are from the Fire Dancer set, including a full tattoed body with many ornaments and a feather headpiece.

Fire Elemental Characters


Core Skylanders
Eruptor Icon Eruptor
Elite Eruptor Icon Elite Eruptor
Volcanic Eruptor Icon Volcanic Eruptor
Flameslinger Icon Flameslinger
Cupid Flameslinger Icon Cupid Flameslinger
(Lost Islands Alter Ego)
Fryno Icon Fryno
Flip Flop Fryno Icon Flip Flop Fryno
(Lost Islands Alter Ego)
Hot Dog Icon Hot Dog
Molten Hot Dog Icon Molten Hot Dog
Ignitor Icon Ignitor
Legendary Ignitor Icon Legendary Ignitor
Smolderdash Icon Smolderdash
Sunburn Icon Sunburn
Torch Icon Torch
Trail Blazer Icon Trail Blazer
Hot Head Icon Hot Head
Obsidian Hot Head Icon Obsidian Hot Head
(Battlecast Card Counterpart)
SWAP Force Movement Type
Blast Zone Icon Blast Zone
Dark Blast Zone Icon Dark Blast Zone
Rocket symbol
Fire Kraken Icon Fire Kraken
Jade Fire Kraken Icon Jade Fire Kraken
Bounce symbol
Trap Masters
Ka-Boom Icon Ka-Boom
Wildfire Icon Wildfire
Dark Wildfire Icon Dark Wildfire
Small Fry Icon Small Fry
Weeruptor Icon Weeruptor
Eggsellent Weeruptor Icon Eggsellent Weeruptor
Hammer Slam Bowser Icon Hammer Slam Bowser
Dark Hammer Slam Bowser Icon Dark Hammer Slam Bowser
Note: Nintendo Systems Only
Lava Lance Eruptor Icon Lava Lance Eruptor
Spitfire Icon Spitfire
Dark Spitfire Icon Dark Spitfire
Instant Spitfire Icon Instant Spitfire
Senseis Battle Class
Ember Icon Ember Sentinel symbol
Flare Wolf Icon Flare Wolf
Hard-Boiled Flare Wolf Icon Hard-Boiled Flare Wolf
Bazooker symbol
Tae Kwon Crow Icon Tae Kwon Crow
Mystical Tae Kwon Crow Icon Mystical Tae Kwon Crow
Ninja symbol


Chef Pepper Jack Villain Icon Chef Pepper Jack
Grinnade Villain Icon Grinnade
Scrap Shooter Villain Icon Scrap Shooter
Smoke Scream Villain Icon Smoke Scream

Fire Elemental Items

Fire Traps Fire Traps
  • Blazing Belch (Yawn)
  • Eternal Flame (Torch)
  • Fire Flower (Scepter)
  • Scorching Stopper (Screamer)
  • Searing Spinner (Totem)
  • Spark Spear (Captain's Hat)
Fire Crystals Fire Creation Crystals
Vehicles Terrain
Burn-Cycle symbol Burn-Cycle Land Symbol
Hot Streak symbol Hot Streak
Dark Hot Streak Icon Dark Hot Streak
E3 Hot Streak
Golden Hot Streak
Instant Hot Streak
Land Symbol
Toaster Bomber Icon Chef Pepper Jack's Toaster Bomber Sky Symbol

Battlecast Spell Cards

Fire Spells are used for raw, continuous damage. Either by lingering and fixed damage, blocking healing and encouraging multiple spells in one turn, they are an asset in taking down single enemies quickly.

The scrapped Fire team spell is the Column of Fire, summoned by the Fire characters of the team and causing more damage the more there are on it.

Fire Hose Too Hot To Handle Flame Wave
Fire Hosecard

Ignite the active enemy for 30 damage. If it's KO'd this turn, return Fire Hose to your hand.

Too Hot To Handlecard

Afflict an enemy character for 20 damage. If it has a gear, afflict it for 50 damage instead.

Flame Wavecard

Crush each frontline enemy for 40 damage. Blast each sideline enemy for 20 damage.

Hot Pants - Gear Noxious Firebrand - Relic Slow Burn
Hot Pants - Gearcard

At the end of owner's turn, afflict it for 20 damage.

Noxious Firebrand - Reliccard

Your enemies can't gain health.

Slow Burncard

Blast the active enemy for 40 damage. At the end of your next turn, repeat.

Trial By Fire 5th Degree Burn Fuel For The Fire
Trial By Firecard

Ignite your active ally for 30 damage. Give it +60 power this turn.

5th Degree Burncard

Shock an enemy for 70 damage. The damage can't be reduced. That enemy can't gain health until your next turn.

Fuel For The Firecard

Gain 4 energy.

Brimstone - Relic Fireball Stoke The Flame
Brimstone - Reliccard

You and your allies get x2 spell damage.


Blast an enemy for 90 damage.

Stoke The Flamecard

Blast a frontline enemy for 70 damage. If you've already played a spell this turn, blast it for 140 damage instead.

Soul Scorch Column of Fire
Soul Scorchcard

Brand an enemy character for 100 damage. When it plays a character card, afflict it for 50 damage.

Column of Firecard

Burn an enemy for 20 damage for each Fire character on your team.

Character Spells: See Eruptor, Spitfire and Hot Head



  • In Skylanders: Giants, the music from Quicksilver Vault plays in the Fire elemental zones.
  • Hot Head and Hot Dog are the only Skylanders to have the word 'Hot' in their names.
  • Half of the Fire Skylanders have the word "burn" in their catchphrases.
  • Fire is the second element to have two dragons (Sunburn and Fire Kraken), the first being Earth, while Air, Life and Water are tied for third.
  • This is the only element with a non-Core dragon.
  • This is the first element to include its name on its Skylanders (Fire Kraken, Spitfire and Wildfire), the second being Light and the third being Air.
  • Smolderdash, Torch and Ember are currently the only female Skylanders in the Fire element.
  • This is currently the only element without a Series 2 Dragon Skylander.
  • This was the last original element to get a female Skylander.
  • This element contains two Skylanders who ride bikes, Fryno and Lava Lance Eruptor.
  • Like Undead and Dark, before the Light element was revealed, the Fire element was associated with brightness.
  • Fire, Water and Life are the main three elements to appear in most starter packs.
  • This, Dark and Water are the only elements whose Villain Senseis were originally from other elements. (In this element, Tae Kwon Crow, originally a Dark Villain.)
  • This and the Air element are the only elements to have only one Eon's Elite Skylander.


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  2. Skylanders Universe - Book of Elements: Fire and Water, page 40

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