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The Falling Forest is a recurring location in the Skylanders Academy TV Show. It is named for its almost dead trees that fall with no warning. It is the home of the Chompy Mage and the temporary location of the Doom Raiders' base, as well as where Master Eon first found Spyro.

Though the forest has many dangerous areas where good magical abilities do not work as intended, it also has calmer clearings and a swamp where retiree Skylanders such as Ninjini and Snap Shot live.


Season 1

The Falling Forest was where Spyro hatched from his egg, defeating Greebles that attempted to capture and eat him, gaining Master Eon's attention.

In My Way or the Sky Way, it caught fire, and was barely saved by Snap Shot and Ka-Boom because of Team Spyro's delay.

In Space Invaders, Master Eon attempted to give Team Spyro a team building exercise by camping in the Falling Forest, but they came under attack by Kaos.

In the The Skylands Are Falling! and Crash Landing, it is revealed to be where Chompy Mage lives. Team Spyro and Crash entered its darkest areas in pursue of a dark relic, while Kaos searched for the mage to find a way to open the Book of Dark Magic.

At the end of Assault on Skylander Academy, the Doom Raiders have temporarily stationed there after their escape from Skylanders Academy, while unbeknownst to them, Eon and Kaossandra meet up elsewhere in the forest to return the Book of Dark Magic before its entity flees.

Season 2

Because of Golden Queen's harmed ego, the Doom Raiders are still hidden in the Falling Forest as of Spyromania.



  • The Falling Forest changes entirely from its game appearance, as the original is a lush forest around the Tree of Life.
    • As seen in a faraway shot, it is also a flat area.


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