Fake Crash is the main antagonist of the Thumpin' Wumpa Islands Adventure Pack. He is the doppleganger of Crash Bandicoot.


Not much is known about Fake Crash's personality due to his lack of use as a character, but there are some points of his personality shown. Fake Crash hijacked Cortex' Matrix Chamber, and terrorized the Wumpa Island by disrupting the island's rhythms, for absolutely no reason.


He was created In Crash Bandicoot 2: N. Tranced, when N. Trance had attempted to capture the Bandicoots through a warp portal, however, when Crash had been pulled in, he was saved by Aku Aku. The Power of both the magic mask and Master of Hypnotism had then resulted in the birth of Fake Crash. He was however thought to be the real Crash and was hypnotized anyway, along with the other Bandicoots. He was eventually freed of his mind control by Crash and had joined him as an occasional ally.

Skylanders: Imaginators

As his Master Dr. Neo Cortex was preparing to use his Cortex Matrix Chamber to create an unstoppable army of minions, Fake Crash hijacked the machine without notice and used it to send bad rhythms across Wumpa Island, threatening to tear the islands apart.


  • He is the first guest character to be a boss.
  • His only differences between him and the real Crash are different eyebrows, darker color, smaller pupils and bigger teeth
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