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“We all scream for Eye Scream!”
    —Villain Vault

Eye Scream is a mutant creature who is one of the Dark trappable villains in Skylanders: Trap Team. When the Skylanders come upon her home in Monster Marsh, Eye Scream sends out several eyeballs to attack them before fleeing into the swamp. The Skylanders later corner her at the edge of the marsh that is accessible via super bound pad hidden inside a Traptanium crystal, allowing the Skylanders to defeat and capture her.


As a trapped villain, Eye Scream's main attack spawns small walking eyeballs that seek out targets and detonate on them. Her secondary attack spawns only one, very large eyeball, very similar in size to the flying eyeball of the Undead Giant, Eye-Brawl. This also seeks out enemies and explodes, doing area damage.

During her boss fight, she only spawns smaller eyeballs, but a far greater amount than when trapped, then runs away.


  • "Quit eyeing me!"

Trap Quotes

  • "I'm not going to scream here, but- PICK ME!"
  • "Put me down or I'll SCCREEEAAAAAMMMM...!!"
  • "Hey! I can't see a thing in here! Of course that's nothing new with my hair and everything, but still!"
  • "Who just said that?! I can hear you, but I can't see you. Of course, that's still nothing new."
  • "Oh come on! Pick MEEEEEEEEEE~!"
  • "You'll scream for Eye Screeeeeeeaaaammmm!" - entering the game
  • "Nightmare blast!"
  • "Ha ha, an eye for an eye!"
  • "The eyes have it! Or in this case, the eye!"
  • "Eye scream for victory!"
  • "I see trouble up ahead! Well not literally of course, but in my mind’s eye!"
  • "In case you’re wondering what happened to the rest of my face, I literally SCREAMED my head off!"
  • "I don’t SEE what’s so scary about those Doom Raiders, although I guess I don’t SEE much of anything!"
  • "The Skaletones are crazy not to have ME in their band, just think how much better their songs would be with a screaming eyeball solo!"
  • "Count me in for that. But first you probably wanna tag me in." -Quest
  • "These numbers make me want to scream, with delight I mean!" -Checking Stats

Villain Quest

Villain Theme ♫

Eye Scream's theme is Mostly Ghostly, from APM Music.

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  • Despite being a female, Cali refers to Eye Scream as "him" in her Villain Quest. The same mistake is made by Glumshanks about Bad Juju during her Villain Quest.
    • Coincidentally, both Eye Scream and Bad Juju are voiced by Kimberly Brooks.
  • She shares the same name with a Marvel supervillain.
  • Her villain quest is a pun on the horror movie series "Paranormal Activity".
  • Eye Scream is a play on "Ice Cream."
  • She and Smoke Scream are the only villains to have "scream" in their names.
  • She is one of the four female trappable villains, along with Bad Juju, Dreamcatcher, and the Golden Queen.
  • Due to the eye in her mouth, she is similar to the Garbage Pail Kids card Winkless Wally/Sight Les.