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“Greetings, foolish Portal Master. I am Evilon, and you have gazed into the Mirror of Mystery!”
    —Evilon introducing himself in the Mirror of Mystery intro cutscene

Evilon is the Mirror Dimension counterpart of Master Eon and the main antagonist of the Mirror of Mystery adventure pack. He threatened to destroy the regular dimension of Skylands, but offered the Portal Master to confront him in the Mirror of Mystery. During the battle against Evil Flynn, his airship crashed into Evilon's mirror, seemingly destroying them both.


  • In the Nintendo 3DS version, the text refers to him as Evil-Eon, but he calls himself Evilon during the level intro.
  • In Skylanders: Trap Team, Evilon can be seen next to the Reset button.
  • His voice is filtered to sound demonic in the intro cutscene of the Mirror of Mystery level, but sounds normal elsewhere in the level, due to non-CGI cutscenes.
  • Though they are not the same character, Strykore's helmet design appears to be inspired by Evilon's helmet and eye colors.
  • In the shooting part of the level, if you shoot him, he will laugh similarly to the way Kaos commonly laughs in the regular dimension.
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