Evilized Whiskers is the evilized version of Whiskers in Skylanders: Swap Force. He was transformed into this state by Baron von Shellshock and poses as one of the main obstacles in Motleyville. Because of this, he is also one of the two main bosses of the level.


Like all victims of evilization, Evilized Whiskers shows no recollection of his life prior to his transformation. He serves only the forces of evil, which includes sinister individuals such as Shellshock.


The Petrified Darkness granted Evilized Whiskers the ability to release shockwaves whenever he performs a pecking slam attack. He can also spew dark globs at the Skylanders from a distance and unleash a powerful dark beam from his mouth.

Boss Battle

First Phase

The battle starts with Evilized Whiskers flying up and attempting to slam down on the Skylander. Watch for and avoid the circles which show where Evilized Whiskers is going to land, and his landings will release dark shockwaves on the ground which you have to jump over to avoid. After a few attempts, the evil bird will have his beak temporarily stuck in the ground, leaving him for vulnerable. After dealing some damage, Evilized Whiskers will start hitting the ground three times before getting stuck again, and you are able to attack him when he's stuck. After most of his health is depleted, the battle abruptly ends as Evilized Whiskers flees the scene.

Second Phase

You once again face Evilized Whiskers, this time to the bitter end. Similar to the first phase, you have to dodge his attacks when he tries to slam him from above. When he becomes stuck, that is your chance to attack him. However, after dealing some damage to him, Evilized Whiskers will fly up and perch atop of a metal structure where you can't reach him. From there, he will spit out dark globs down at the Skylander and you have to move around to avoid them. Afterwards, he'll return to slamming down into the ground a few times before getting stuck. After half of his health is depleted, Evilized Whiskers will fire a large laser beam in front of him, which you have to avoid. Repeat the process afterwards, and Evilized Whiskers will be turned back to normal.


  • In the boss fight where you would un-evilize him, while he is on his perch and spewing globs at you, you can hit him on the perch with Boom Jet's Air Strike and other attacks that can reach him.
  • Without the Petrified Darkness, he slightly resembles a raven or crow.
  • At the end of his boss fight, a cutscene plays showing Evilized Whiskers turning back to normal. If you pause at the right moment, you can see regular Whiskers coming out of the ground.
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