The Evilikins are evil counterparts of the Wilikins created by Dr. Krankcase in Skylanders: Trap Team. They serve as enemies in the game, while certain Evilikins are trappable villains.


The Evilikins are wooden monsters that were created and brought to life by Dr. Krankcase, with his modified concoction of glowing green goo. The Evilikins gave Kaos the inspirations to create the Wilikins.

List of Evilikins

Enemy Evilikins



  • All four Evilikin Villains are given blue and gold color schemes after completing their quests and evolving, the color of the clothing of regular Wikilins.
  • Evilikin are similar to Wood Man from Mega Man 2, as both are made up of metal and wood.
  • The microbots summoned by Tech Imaginators and the Training Dummy resemble Evilikins.

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