The Evil Imp Minion is the evil version of Ghost Roaster and one of Kaosminions. He is the second of three bosses at the end of the Creepy Citadel level if you're playing on the Xbox 360, Wii or PS3. Evil Imp and the other two minions must be defeated in order to collect the Eternal Undead Source.

This evil version of Ghost Roaster transforms into a giant green skull and makes three to four chomping dashes. He stops to cackle for a moment, then attacks again.

Note: On the Wii console, you will face the Evil Imp Minion before the Evil Knight Minion, but their attacks and any strategies to beat them are the same.


  • Unlike Ghost Roaster, of whom can use both his tail and his Skull Charge moves, Dark Imp Minion only uses Skull Charge, perhaps one reason why he's one of the first of Kaos' minions to be fought in Creepy Citadel. However, his strength of 97 makes up for his single-attack usage, also making him the second strongest of the minions behind Evil Eruptor.
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