“Yes! My butler days are over!”
    —Evil Glumshanks

Evil Glumshanks is the Evilized form of Glumshanks in Skylanders: Swap Force, serving as the game's first boss.


As expected by those who are corrupted by the Petrified Darkness, Evil Glumshanks shows a more sinister side to his normal counterpart's personality. In this state, he is fiercely loyal and deeply committed to fulfilling Kaos's plans, mostly to prove himself that he is more than just a measly butler no matter the cost.


Evil Glumshanks has the power of telekinesis, which he uses to hurl and manipulate objects around him with his mind. He can also comunicate with machines and control them.

Boss Battle

As soon as the battle begins, spikes will come out of the walls around the arena. Evil Glumshanks will start off trying to ram into the Skylander with his machine. He is invulnerable to all attacks while he is trying to ram at you and when he is aiming. In order to attack him, you must lure Evil Glumshanks into one of the spikes when he is aiming to hit you. When he is about to ram into you, he will ram into the spikes as he charges. His machine will then fall apart, allowing you to attack him before he can rebuild his armor and barrier. Once he's taken enough damage, he'll start dropping missiles at the Skylander and decrease the amount of spikes. And once he's taken even more damage, he'll summon minions while dropping more missiles, and decrease and move spikes around. When you defeat him, he turns into his normal form and his machine will blast him out into the sky allowing you to progress.


  • He is the only enemy to be introduced two times in the game.
  • He is the second character to be evilized by the Evilizer instead of Crystal Masters. The first characters to have this happen to them are the Greebles.
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