The Evil-scope was a device created by Pop Fizz, in the Skylanders Academy television series. Originally used in The Skylands Are Falling!, it used a future-seeing lens enchanted by Kaos to foresee evil acts long before they happened.


When Pop Fizz obtained the cursed lens from Glumshanks, he had a sudden rush of inspiration to build the Evil-scope during an afternoon. Excited to have a day without surprises from villains, Team Spyro went on to punish various Doom Raiders before they actually intended to commit a crime, though over time, only Spyro still had the energy to keep looking for more as the others took the week off. Unknown to them, the arrests caused other villains, including Kaos, to stay in hiding in fear of being attacked.

However, Spyro's excessive use of the evil-scope and the lack of evil acts caused an imbalance that gathered the evil energy in the center of the realm, threatening all of Skylands. When Spyro restored balance to the universe, the evil-scope was taken down after Crash's adventure with Team Spyro, as Team Spyro knew that its use would repeat the imbalance. The component that caused it all, the cursed lens, was swallowed by Pop Fizz while the team wasn't looking, and the evil-scope's use was lost forever.


  • The Evil-scope appears to be a reference to the famous science fiction movie Minority Report, where a police department used psychics to detect and prevent crime. Specifically, the episode's ending, where Spyro notices that his rush to be heroic caused him to commit the evil of disrupting the balance; a reference to the movie, where the main character was predicted to commit a crime because of his well-intentioned meddling in a conspiracy.
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