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“I know what kind of a person you are.”
    —Ring of Heroes

Euginie is one of the default Portal Masters in Skylanders: Ring of Heroes. She is the Treasure House of Knowledge. In the game's 2.0 reboot, she is the first Portal Master to be unlocked.


Skipping a high school education course and attending a prestigious private university wasn’t something Eugenie was proud of. Her peers didn’t even know how she felt and just envied her for entering the “adult world.” Classmates at the university pretended to like her on the outside, but they looked down on her for being younger than her behind her back. No one understood her loneliness. Her parents who had the responsibility of taking care of her was busy telling the others how smart their daughter was and didn’t care to think about her feelings. It was like a cold wind was blowing in her heart.

The most comfortable place for her was the library’s basement reading room at school. When she read whatever she could find in the corner of the library, she felt relieved. It must’ve been fate that a portal to Skylands opened in front of her. One day, a mysterious light was shining in the basement of the library. At the same time, a fresh wind blew from the light. The warmth of the air couldn’t be compared with the air in the library.

If it was anyone else, the person would have run away in fear of the scene, but Eugenie couldn’t take her eyes off the portal as if it was magic. Only Eugenie will know if she was willing to run away without reason or if it was a decision made with determination. But her dareful challenge was a success.

When Master Eon met Eugenie who’ve come to Skylands through the portal, he recognized her strengths and allowed her to use the Academy Library at any time. She also met all Skylanders one after another to figure out their traits and strengths. Master Eon knew that Eugenie possessed the ability to maximize the skills of each Skylander. Now, Eugenie is out of the library with stuffy air, and she became a Portal Master responsible for the peace in Skylands. Her life will face a warm, fresh wind, overcoming the loneliness of her inner self. Of course, with her trustworthy allies.


Eugenie uses her skills to buff the evasion rate stats of Skylanders, and her special ability increases their evasion. Her elemental speciality is Air.


Strength Analysis (Active)

[All Allies]
Grants [Evasion Rate UP] 30% Effect on all allies for 1 turn(s).

Mana cost: 0
Cooldown: 0


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