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Ethers are magical substances that can bind themselves to armor and body parts of a person in Skylanders: Ring of Heroes. Made from smaller Ether Shards, these crystals take the rough form of a type of armor or accessory, but when bound to Skylanders, they change shape to conform to their user, and imbue them with stat increases. The more Ether Shards are added into them, the stronger they become, though they can be only removed with an Extraction Tool that liquefies the Ether.

As soon as Kaos created the Shattered Islands, a group of Cyclopses took control of a dimension with an Ether Fortress, under the orders of the mysterious Spell Punk Librarian, who inscribes Enchant Scrolls that can make the Ether bindings even more powerful. Though during the events of the game low-quality Ether has already been scattered across the islands, obtaining the substance at the Fortress will always yield more powerful material.



  • Ether reflects the appearance of the Skylanders' Awakened Forms, even if they haven't completed Awakening yet.
  • Oddly, Ether can bind itself to not only a Skylander's limbs, but also their body markings.
  • Some Ether descriptions mistakenly list body parts of a Skylander as armor, such as calling Wildfire's mane a headdress.
  • Mystery Ether is unused outside of tutorials. Instead, Ether chests give predetermined types of ether.
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