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“Hugo says the key is to keep cool, so I just need to stay away from all the stuff that burns me up - talk radio, internet comments, spicy food...”
    —Eruptor, Anger Mismanagement

Eruptor is one of the main characters of the spin-off series, Skylanders Academy. He is best friends with Spyro and Stealth Elf, two fellow Skylanders who he grew up with.



Eruptor is easily angered and emotional, getting in the way of his slow, but effective, thinking. He is also very absent-minded, not paying attention to locations of rooms in his own house or events happening around him until pointed out. After a month of sessions with Hugo in Anger Mismanagement, he has learned to control his frustrations rather than letting them control him; though situations with high anxiety can still cause him to involuntarily spit lava. He is also somewhat gullible, as before Pop Fizz confessed to eating his favorite cereal and leaving the box empty, Eruptor believed it was a ghost doing it.


Ever met a hothead? Well, Eruptor is a hot - everything. A combustible force of nature, our volcanic friend has the power of molten rock and blistering fire... as well as a tendency to blow his lid every now and again. Yes, you could say Eruptor has a bit of a temper — if by "bit" you mean he explodes into a fiery rage at even the smallest annoyance. (Don’t cut him off in traffic, unless you want your car reduced to a pool of melted steel.) Fortunately, Eruptor’s best friends, Spyro and Stealth Elf, help him to keep his cool by always having his back. And although Eruptor keeps up a "tough guy" exterior, deep down he’s really just a big ol’ puddle of magma. He wishes sometimes that he had hands that didn’t melt everything they touched... like a pet kitty cat — he wants to one day call his own. Yeah. That’d be nice.


Eruptor can breathe fire and lava, as well as spew them from the jewel atop his head. He can shoot fireballs and magma from his limbs and mouth. He is also greatly resistant to other sources of fire and can reform himself after melting or being blown up. However, his fiery abilities come at a disadvantage, as the tips of his limbs are eternally searing hot and his "hands" burn through any object less flammable than metal, though he can get around it by touching things with the cooled sides of his arms. If angered enough, Eruptor can use jets of fire from his hands to propel himself through the air.

His molten body also has abilities unrelated to fighting, such as a soothing effect on pulled muscles, and as a light source that can be stronger or weaker at will. His cooled parts are also not entirely stable, meaning he can regenerate from melting down eyeballs-first.

One of Eruptor's most unusual abilities is the ability to greatly focus on a situation to analyze it and slow down time for the duration of said analysis. With this, he can discover evidence to various events even if they are not the focus of his search, and track down people and objects with ease. However, this ability causes him incapacitating migraines for long durations of time, which can only be fixed with special contacts.



At a young age, Eruptor enrolled in Skylander Academy and became friends with Spyro and Stealth Elf. During an unknown point of his life, Eruptor had a babysitter only known as "Nana" who avoided giving him affection or even just kind words, causing him constant issues with keeping his emotions in check.

Season 1

Spyro SE Eruptor.png

Eruptor first appeared in Skylanders Unite!, playing sheep ball with Spyro and Stealth Elf before the former stopped to show off in front of cadets. Though the lava monster attempted to call him out on it, Spyro teased him instead, causing Eruptor to create a small eruption as a threat. Once the school bell rang, he and the elf left for class ignoring the boastful dragon, with Eruptor barely making it in time by crashing through the wall, and the entire class was forced to answer a pop fizz in response to Spyro's tardiness and arrogance.

Later on, Eruptor oversaw Stealth Elf's training, but when they returned home, they found Spyro throwing a premature graduation party rather than preparing for the Skylander Games. Though the two eventually gave in and had fun with the dragon and the other cadets and Skylanders, they went to sleep much earlier than him, and in the morning were unable to find him after he ended up in the roof. Assuming Spyro left for the Games early, Stealth Elf and Eruptor went to the arena without him. At the arena, Eruptor was the first to take on the trial, fighting a wave of Troll robots with his fire powers, and defeating a group of holograms with the use of the Sun Runner, albeit clumsily. He passed the trial with Stealth Elf and Bad Breath, but he couldn't help but express his disappointment when Spyro arrived at the last minute, performed poorly, and failed the Games.

The next day, while preparing for the graduation ceremony, Eruptor was preparing pancakes when he was startled by Stealth Elf's sudden appearance. She discussed that Spyro was still holed up in his bedroom, and though Eruptor argued that it served him well to handle disappointment for a while, Stealth Elf decided to check up on Spyro; though not before teleporting in again to grab a pancake, which caused the lava monster to spit lava and melt the kitchen furniture.

In the graduation ceremony back at the Skylander Games, Eruptor, Stealth Elf and Bad Breath were welcomed as the newest Skylanders by Master Eon, Pop Fizz, Jet-Vac and a large crowd of Mabu, and were drawn and bound to the Book of Skylanders. Before the headmaster's assistant Hugo could return the book to its place in the Relics Room as the ceremony ended, however, Kaos and Glumshanks ambushed him and stole the magical tome. Though the other Skylanders and Eruptor tried to stop Kaos, he used the power of the book to stop their attacks, such as stapling Eruptor's page to immobilize him with pain.

Afterwards, the evil sorcerer froze the book and all of the Skylanders with it, and only Eruptor's teammate Spyro, who was still a cadet, was able to pursue him. Though Spyro was defeated, he managed to defrost the book and free the Skylanders, and the group stopped Kaos at the Library before he could get away with the dragon, and promptly kicked him and Glumshanks out of the Academy. Because of Spyro's selflessness, he was made a Skylander on the spot, much to Stealth Elf and Eruptor's joy.

S1E3 Stealth Elf Eruptor Jet Vac Pop Fizz Spyro.jpg

In My Way or the Sky Way, Eruptor joined the other Core Skylanders in the mission to unclog the Academy's basement pipes, and later relaxed with his old friends at Team Spyro Home to discuss their professor Jet-Vac's hostile attitude towards Spyro. On cue, however, the Sky Baron went to their house with the intent to stay there and "fix" the dragon's recklessness, and though Stealth Elf subtly barred him from entering her and Eruptor's rooms, the professor started to criticize and wreck Spyro's belongings that he judged as detrimental to "Skylandering".

Later on, after losing the two, Stealth Elf and Eruptor discovered Spyro hiding in the sewer to avoid the stern veteran, but before they could convince him to work his issues out with Jet-Vac before it got out of control, Master Eon called them via projection to gather the SuperChargers and save the Falling Forest from burning down. Though the trio and Pop Fizz were quick to get their Vehicles ready in the Skylander Games' arena, Jet-Vac forced them to stay to read the vehicle instruction manual for hours on end, during which Snap Shot and Ka-Boom were called in their place to put out the forest fire. Seeing Jet-Vac's attitude as harmful to the missions, Master Eon called him alone to lecture him about the value of acting without planning.

After Jet-Vac and Spyro made amends, stopping Kaos' infiltration attempt along the way, the group gathered at the kitchen to eat his leftover lizard gizzards and congratulate the Sky Baron's acomplishments, allowing him to live on their house. To their surprise, however, Pop Fizz barged in from the basement door to eat their food while revealing he was also living there already, and thus, Team Spyro was formed.

Season 2

In Thankstaking for the Memories, Eruptor was among the team who didn't want Spyro to come along on their Thankstaking Holiday; Eruptor's reasoning was because Spyro almost accidentally burned down their family house the previous year.

In Elementary, My Dear Eruptor, it is revealed that Eruptor was the student who received the highest score in the midterm exams, surpassing Spyro's high score. He and Team Spyro soon realized that Eruptor's ability to quickly solve cases by detecting and piecing out minuscule evidence is his intelligence's superpower. However, the reason why he withheld this ability was due to severe headaches, a side effect by his sight's extreme focus and ability to time warp. To counteract this, Sprocket invented special contact lenses for his eyes. The lenses worked, allowing Eruptor to find the culprit who kept stealing Eon's beard spray - a sheep.

With Eruptor's unique detective abilities, he was now able to figure out all of the Academy's secrets. When Team Spyro began investigating disturbances around Skylands, Eruptor came to the discovery that the villain Broccoli Guy was responsible, stealing the elements from the surrounding area. After finding an injured Snap Shot in the Swamplands, Eruptor volunteered to investigate the situation alone while the rest of Team Spyro help Snap Shot back to the Academy. Spyro tried to dissuade him into facing Broccoli Guy alone, worried for his safety. However Eruptor believed Spyro envied his new powers, adding with his hypocrisy that he knew Spyro's secret of stealing a book from the Relics Room and told no one. Frustrated, Spyro and the rest of the team left a boastful Eruptor to wander alone, following Kaos and Broccoli Guy's trail.

At Skylands Community College, Eruptor engaged a powerful Broccoli Guy to battle but ended up overpowered. He was soon resuced by Team Spyro After regaining back his strength, Eruptor offered an apology for being too arrogant with his abilities. They forgave his misbehavior and Eruptor decided to be his normal-self without the use of his new detective powers by destroying the contact lenses. In addition, he also intended on keeping Spyro's secret of stealing Dragon Book secret.

Season 3

Eruptor along with the other Skylanders and cadets were surprised to learn that Master Eon was related to the evil villain Kaos. After learning about their master's history with Strykore and Kaossandra, Team Spyro were tasked with finding Spyro and preparing for their fight against Strykore with Kaossandra, despite showing distrust.

In Split, Eruptor tried to talk through to Dark Spyro to see if the Spyro they knew was still in there. However Dark Spyro coldly told them that the Spyro they knew was gone and hurled the pea soup on Eruptor, insulting him. This angered Eruptor who was about to attack Dark Spyro, but the other Skylanders held him back.



The dragon constantly teases the rock monster, finding his outbursts amusing. However, they genuinely support each other through their choices, and Spyro steps in to advise his friend whenever his temper is seriously out of control.

In Elementary, My Dear Eruptor, Spyro congratulated Eruptor on passing his midterm exams and praised him for his detective abilities. However, Eruptor gets too overconfident that he mocks Spyro for being jealous, causing the dragon to leave him on his own. But the two made up after stopping Broccoli Guy.

Stealth Elf

The two have a strong relationship, hanging out together frequently and supporting each other during training; though he dislikes her tendency to teleport in unannounced and spook him into spitting lava. After the elf's supposed death, Eruptor was inconsolable, especially after noticing Jet-Vac's rush to replace her.


Though the rocky start on his anger management sessions have left Eruptor with a bad mood towards Hugo, after the sessions, he claims that he "doesn't make [him] want to burn down the Academy, if it means anything". Until his treatment was surely complete, Hugo took Eruptor out of stressful situations with patience, much to the lava monster's gratitude.


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  • Eruptor's worst class performance during the course was Vehicular Assault.
  • Oddly, Eruptor cries cooled magma rather than molten.
  • Though his feet also glow red-hot and can be lit up at will, they don't appear to burn through things like his hands, though they can still ignite things like the fuse to Chef Pepper Jack's burrito bombs.
  • Eruptor's voice actor, Jonathan Banks, is best known for voicing Commissioner James Gordon from the video game Batman: Arkham Knight.
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