“I tell you, it was the clouds that sold me out, cuz of what I saw. You don't look much like a cloud, but you never can tell, clouds are crafty. Name's Ermit.”
    —Ermit the Hermit

Ermit is a supporting character in Skylanders: Giants. He is a semi-crazy hermit who despises clouds, believing them to be evil and more dangerous than Kaos.


Ermit is really a people person despite his name, but not a cloud person.[1] He has a fear and hatred for clouds, thinking they are out to get him. Despite his claims to be normal otherwise, he's bitter and constantly berates the Skylander and other characters for mistakes. However, by the end of their journey to the Lost City of Arkus, Ermit finally admits that he admires their work and would do his best to help them; in the fight against Robo-Kaos revealing that Machine Ghost was repaired in secret so he could fight alongside his comrades.


In the past, Ermit won a blue Arkeyan War Machine in a game of Skystones against Freebot 002.[2] After finding out the Arkeyan machine was haunted, Ermit abandoned the machine in Glacier Gully.

In the events of Skylanders: Giants, Ermit witnessed Kaos returning to Skylands and activating an Arkeyan Conquertron that would help him in his next quest to rule Skylands. Afterwards, the hermit was held captive by a Goliath Drow named Brock in Rumbletown, but was soon freed by the Skylander and helped them on the journey to stop Kaos from recovering the Iron Fist of Arkus. Though for most of the journey he only led them to Machine Ghost and made bitter or occasionally approving remarks, after the Skylander enters the throne room in the Lost City of Arkus, he reveals to have repaired Machine Ghost's major damage and brings him to stop Kaos before he could have a clear shot at the Skylander. After a fight of three-on-one, Kaos was defeated, and Ermit hesitantly accepts the Skylander did well, and decides to take on the clouds with his haunted robot himself as soon as he can, believing them to be the greater threat.


  • Despite his similar name, Ermit lives in a town and isn't actually a hermit. People confuse him with one because of his name and paranoid nature.[1]
  • He has nephophobia (fear of clouds), very similar to how Hugo has ovinaphobia (fear of sheep).
  • He is, or at least was, working on a book about the dangers of clouds.
  • Despite living on the Outlands, the area where Ermit witnesses Kaos' return is lush and with no signs of the wasteland described in other sources.
  • Ermit is one of the few characters in the series to have multiple dialog between levels, being the only one to have from three to four lines every single level after being rescued. This means players will miss those lines forever after the chapter has been beaten once.
  • Early in Giants' development, Ermit was named Hermington, though the earliest Alpha footage already shows some dialogue boxes changed into his current name.[3]


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