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Episode Dungeons were special, limited-time dungeons in Skylanders: Ring of Heroes. As of May 2019, they are all dungeons themed after a Skylander protagonist. They also have their own type of currency, that can be used on the Episode Dungeon Exchange shop for up to a week after the main dungeon has closed.

Episode Dungeons worked the same as a regular Adventure level, but they had Featured Skylanders in each stage that gain a bonus for being used on it. Each Episode also has its own set of Exchange Shop items and special Missions. Some stages also had a Story Mode version and a regular version. In Story Mode, you're given control of set Skylanders at a specific level (including Awakened Skylanders), previously only completable once.

In the game's Reboot, their progression was changed - instead, they work like Mirage Tower levels, with only star completion mattering in story levels but allowing replays for as many times as the player would like for a better performance; and a Sparring Mode was added, with an increasing series of challenges that the player can add to a battle with waves leading up to the Protagonist Skylander, to gain more currency.

Episode 1 - Story of Nightfall - Danger in Darkness

This dungeon ran from February 28th to April 11th, 2019. In it, Nightfall gains 50%+ attack, and Stormblade, Spitfire and Blastermind gain 20%+. Its currency was Dark Stones.


RoH Danger in Darkness Mad Lob Goblin.png

Nightfall left Skylanders Academy for some time to defeat monsters threatening her hometown, Fogshadow Tower, temporarily leaving the team. On her journey back to headquarters, however, she saw the Earth Portal Master, Spitfire and Stormblade being attacked by a strange and dark Lob Goblin at a lagoon. Despite her annoyance at the lark that went way back, Nightfall joined in to assist them, and decided to escort the heroes home while she was at it.

While fighting their way through the lagoon, however, they discovered crystalline powder with a strange Dark energy, which Nightfall also saw while fighting Leviathans at Fogshadow Tower. When Spitfire suggested she failed in defeating them, however, she angrily responded, before recomposing herself and telling them to continue onward despite the challenge to her pride.

Admitting the truth, she tells the story of going back to Fogshadow Tower for the first time since becoming a Skylander, observing that the town had never been attacked until then. To her surprise however, the villains weren't attacking the citizens, but were escaping from something through the town because the shore was attacked by an entire school of Leviathans that destroyed everything in sight. As Nightfall tried to fight a single infantile Leviathan that had just hatched at the shore, thousands more appeared, and the Dreadwalker had to accept she wasn't doing enough and instructed the citizens to evacuate Fogshadow Tower.

Understanding that the teasing angered Nightfall, Spitfire and Stormblade apologized for their carefree behavior, as her kind was unharmed but lost homes and belongings while the Leviathans ravaged the location. The speed demon then offered to turn back around and save the town from the monsters, surprising Nightfall as there was a clear risk of death involved in this mission. Though begrudgingly accepting their help, she decided to lead the way as the other SuperChargers argued over wording.

RoH Leviathan Boss Intro.png

At the Fogshadow Tower's shore, they fought through the beasts and reached the Leviathan school leader, which was bigger than any they've seen at that point. Finally able to defeat it and drive the others into escaping, Fogshadow Tower was saved, and Nightfall thanked her allies despite their previous bickering. Rejoining the SuperChargers now that her personal mission was done, she offered to follow the Earth Portal Master back to the Academy once again, this time at their side as a loyal Skylander. However, deciding to bring back Leviathan samples for Hugo to analyze, Nightfall and Spitfire noted how the strange crystalline powder had also empowered the Leviathans, wondering how it was affecting the Villains of Skylands...


  • Goals: Clear the Stage, Clear Within 3min 0sec, Complete with Expert Skylanders
  • Hand in Darkness: Lob Goblin(and Mad Lob Goblin), Bone Chompy, Air Threatpack
  • Unknown Power :Air Threatpack, Buzzer Beak, Light Lob Goblin Club, Lob Goblin
  • Dread in the Deep Sea: Light Infantile Leviathan, Light Bad Juju, Light Lob Goblin Club, Lob Goblin
  • Heavy Tread: Hood Sickle, Undead Chomp Chest, Light Bad Juju, Air Threatpack, Lob Goblin
  • Teaming Again: Air Cuckoo Clocker, Undead Grave Clobber, Masker Mind, Light Bad Juju, Lob Goblin
  • Strong Resolution: Undead Grave Clobber, Hood Sickle, Air Cuckoo Clocker, Masker Mind, Light Bad Juju
  • Fogshadow Tower: Light Leviathan, Undead Grave Clobber, Hood Sickle, Light Bad Juju

Episode 2 - Story of Drobot - Lasers, a Mechanical Suit, Intelligence

This dungeon ran from May 23rd to June 6th, 2019. In it, Drobot gains 50% attack and 50% HP, and Pop Fizz and Head Rush gain 20% attack and 20% health. Its currency was Symbols of Knowledge.


RoH Episode Dungeon Drobot 2.png

During the annual Storm Giant games, Cali, Flynn and the Earth Portal Master arrived just in time to see the event held in the Skylander Games arena. Like previous years, the popular Lightning Rod was the star of the show; but during the race event, Cyclopses invaded the arena and took the Storm Giant prisoner, claiming him to have destroyed Cyclops City and for that reason he was being hunted down by the Cyclops Queen.

Despite the efforts of Drobot, Head Rush and Pop Fizz, who quickly took the Portal Master's lead to intervene, the Cyclopses outnumbered them and took off with the other Skylander, who was still confused over their claims of his crimes. Using his powers, Master Eon directed the four heroes on their search for the kidnapped Giant, leading them to Cyclops City. However, they were still in the dark about the situation, and Drobot took charge to do record nearby conversations and check his history files for a clue while fighting off enraged Cyclopses.

He quickly reached a conclusion: when the Skylanders took off with the Mask of Power Air Fragment that was contained in the Cyclops castle tower, the elemental energies of the city were taken over by Magic, disrupting their way of life and structures. Without anyone to put the blame on or a way to solve the imbalance, the Cyclops Queen decided instead to find a scapegoat, claiming that Lightning Rod actually destroyed the city himself and intending to punish him to save face. The sentiment of wanting a villain was so strong among the populace that they quickly ate it up, and even a Cyclops Warrior that guarded the gates was adamant in keeping out the four heroes unless they could find a better explanation.

However, without said solution onhand despite his intelligence, Drobot had a freak out, with his suit malfunctioning and forcing the group to retreat before anything worse happened. With a reboot, he was able to recover smoothly, but still blamed himself for not immediately finding a solution and ignoring the emotional component to the entire problem - the Cyclopses' lives were worsened and the Skylanders couldn't simply take back Lightning Rod and leave them to their own devices. With Head Rush and Pop Fizz supporting Drobot on his progress so far, they suggested confronting the Queen herself instead of beating themselves up for getting there without the answer, and the group advanced once again.

RoH Cyclops Queen Intro.png

Fighting their way to Tempest Towers, they confronted the Cyclops Queen, only for her to reveal they were only making the situation worse - as Skylanders causing trouble would weigh the situation in her favor. Disgusted by her actions, they fought her and a few subjects, but she held on by her desire to see her subjects have some relief by their punishment and incapacitated Drobot with a spell. However, before she could continue fighting, Master Eon intervened.

As Pop Fizz sent back data to the former Portal Master while recovering, Master Eon was sure that the Queen wouldn't give up without a compromise, and he appeared to her to strike a deal as he would attempt to stop the effects of the Magic energy as long as she let the four and Lightning Rod go. Putting the safety of her subjects above her pride, the Cyclops Queen accepted it. Eon was grateful for their efforts and was ready to send the Portal Master and the Skylanders home, but Drobot, thanking his teammates for their support, decided to stay with his leader for the time being, believing the events to be related to the Mask of Power even after its destruction.


  • Goals on Easy - Clear the Stage, Clear Within 3 minutes, 1 or more Skylanders with Heroic(4*) rarity or higher
  • Changes on Normal - Most enemies are replaced with Armored versions, last star goal is Complete With Expert Skylanders
  • Cyclops Attack! - Magic Broccoli Guys, Magic Cyclops Grunts, Magic Cyclops Mages
  • Cyclops City Entrance - Magic Cyclops Grunts, Magic Broccoli Guys, Magic Cyclops Mages, Eye Screams
  • Breaking Through City Center - Magic Cyclops Grunts, Magic Broccoli Guys, Magic Cyclops Mages, Eye-Screams, Eye Fives
  • To the Castle - Armored Magic Cyclops Warrior, Magic Cyclops Grunts, Magic Broccoli Guys, Magic Cyclops Mages, Eye-Fives
  • Something Unnoticed - Magic Cyclops Grunts, Magic Broccoli Guys, Magic Cyclops Mages, Eye-Screams
  • Escape from the Castle - Magic Cyclops Grunts, Magic Broccoli Guys, Magic Cyclops Mages, Eye-Fives
  • The Queen's Plan - Cyclops Queen, Magic Cyclops Grunts, Magic Broccoli Guys, Magic Cyclops Mages

Episode 3 - Story of Spyro - Origin of the Hero

This dungeon ran from August 14 through August 28th. Within this dungeon, Spyro gains +50% more Attack and Health, and both Stealth Elf and Eruptor will gain +20% more Attack and Health.


Episode 4 - Story of Boom Bloom - The Flower that Bloomed From Scrap

This dungeon ran from October 31st to Nov. 13th. Within this dungeon, Boom Bloom gains +50% more Attack and Health, and both Tree Rex and Grilla Drilla gain +20% more Attack and Health. Its currency was Symbols of Flower.


The Episode Dungeon expands on Boom Bloom's origins. During a mission in Dr. Krankcase's now-Abandoned Factory, Tree Rex and Grilla Drilla were overwhelmed by his minions while he attempted to mix his poisonous goo with a great amount of deadwood. Realizing a regroup was necessary, they looked for a way out, when the vat sprouted a bud and from which came out a plant ninja. Seeing the two fighting to stop the villainous acts and recalling her previous life's memories, she joined their battle at once.

Soon after, she escaped with Tree Rex and Grilla Drilla out of the factory using her whip as a slingshot, vowing to enact revenge in Dr. Krankcase. However, not knowing how to communicate with the Skylanders and eagerly trying to get them to take her to Master Eon so she would become one too, they left her behind out of suspicion and tried to infiltrate the factory again, and she was quickly captured by the doctor when she tried to take on him alone. Though he attempted to turn Boom Bloom into the leader of his mutant army, the two Life Skylanders soon caught up with their Awakened Forms, and helped her fight back. With Krankcase defeated, they revealed that Master Eon helped them get back in, and he was observing the battle to judge the plant's intentions.

A long time later, now a Skylanders and a teacher at Skylanders Academy, Boom Bloom heard of the exploits of the Earth Portal Master exploring the Shattered Islands, and asked Master Eon to help her get introduced and lend a hand.

In the game's Reboot Update version of the events, Flameslinger, Smolderdash, Food Fight and Tree Rex investigate the factory instead, and also had to deal with Boom Bloom's unrestrained rage.




  • These are the first levels in the Skylanders series to be specifically themed after a Skylander's story. Other than the comics and books, previously there were only levels related to the character, such as Sky Fortress and Winter Keep, or their dwellings, like Lair of the Golden Queen and The Cloud Kingdom.
  • In Spyro's Episode Dungeon, his backstory is based on the events from the first episode of Skylanders Academy, which contradicts with his game backstory where he originated from a different land and became a hero on his own from there.
  • Episode 1,2 and 4 all feature Expert Skylanders.
  • Storm Giants are mistakenly called Storm Titans in the second episode.
    • The story also has a large inconsistency as it claims Nefarion was looking for the pieces of the Mask of Power, when Kaos was the actual villain looking for them even after the dark emperor's appearance in a later book; and claims that Drobot is a machine, despite him being a cyborg still having an organic half.
  • Episode 4 is the only dungeon whose artwork features the character's Awakened Form.
  • Tree Rex introduces himself as a Giant in Episode 4, saying he "is an Elder Elemental of sorts". Though the origin changed in the development of the second game, this is a reference to the Story Scroll in Falling Forest from the main games, which referred to the characters now known as Giants as creatures of Light and Dark alike. As he says it somewhat jokingly, it is unknown if they are still considered the same creatures or he's referring to them separately.
    • In the rebooted version of The Flower that Bloomed From Scrap, the line is removed entirely.
  • After the game's reboot, only Boom Bloom's episode dungeon was released before the game's closure in February 2022.
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