Eon's Elite are a group of Skylanders originated from Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure that stand atop golden bases with a white bottom, who are stronger than their normal forms. Their release began during Skylanders: Trap Team, with repainted versions of Series 1 figures. During Skylanders: SuperChargers, a second set of Eon's Elite were released, featuring new reposed figures with different accessories.

Of all the heroic Skylanders, there are several that Master Eon depends on to lead others into battle against the forces of evil. Eon’s Elite are the selected few that have displayed courage and bravery against all odds – and are revered by their fellow Skylanders for their inspiration and unwavering commitment to defend Skylands!

Each of these special edition toys were offered in premium foil packaging, featuring a display case with a 3D lenticular background. Additionally, when played in-game, Eon's Elite will be up to three times as powerful as other characters, which represents the biggest in-game boosts ever incorporated into a Skylanders toy to date.

List of Eon's Elite Skylanders

Skylanders: Trap Team

Skylander Element
Elite Chop Chop Icon Elite Chop Chop UndeadSymbolSkylanders
Elite Eruptor Icon Elite Eruptor FireSymbolSkylanders
Elite Gill Grunt Icon Elite Gill Grunt WaterSymbolSkylanders
Elite Spyro Icon Elite Spyro MagicSymbolSkylanders
Elite Stealth Elf Icon Elite Stealth Elf LifeSymbolSkylanders
Elite TerraFin Icon Elite Terrafin EarthSymbolSkylanders
Elite Trigger Happy Icon Elite Trigger Happy TechSymbolSkylanders
Elite Whirlwind Icon Elite Whirlwind AirSymbolSkylanders

Skylanders: SuperChargers

Skylander Element
Elite Boomer Icon Elite Boomer TechSymbolSkylanders
Elite Dino-Rang Icon Elite Dino-Rang EarthSymbolSkylanders
Elite Ghost Roaster Icon Elite Ghost Roaster UndeadSymbolSkylanders
Elite Slam Bam Icon Elite Slam Bam WaterSymbolSkylanders
Elite Voodood Icon Elite Voodood MagicSymbolSkylanders
Elite Zook Icon Elite Zook LifeSymbolSkylanders



  • Eon's Elite Skylanders are labeled as Series 2 Specials in Skylanders: Giants.
    • Because of this, they can activate Wow-Pows and change paths, though their Wow-Pow cannot be carried over into later games.
  • All members of Eon's Elite start off at Level 20 in SuperChargers, and in SuperChargers Racing, they are the only Skylanders other than SuperChargers who provide stat boosts to Vehicles.
  • The second set of Eon's Elites consists only of male Skylanders, and does not include any Air or Fire Skylanders.
    • Because of that, Elite Eruptor and Elite Whirlwind are the only Elite Skylanders of their respective elements.
  • Elite Stealth Elf's daggers and Elite Gill Grunt's harpoon ammo are gold. But in the game, they are the same color as the weaponry of their original counterparts.
  • While the first set of Eon's Elites are glittery all over their bodies, each from the second set only have glittery accessories.
    • Elite Voodood - gloves, boots and extendable axe reaver head
    • Elite Boomer - bombs
    • Elite Dino-Rang - volcanic glass boomerangs
    • Elite Slam Bam - sleigh and ski goggles
    • Elite Zook - pineapple ammo
    • Elite Ghost Roaster - upgraded chain tail
  • As of Skylanders: SuperChargers, Elite Terrafin and Elite Slam Bam equally have the most amount of health. Out of the other Elites, Elite Boomer has the least health.
  • The Elites from SuperChargers have the Eon's Elite tag in Trap Team, though they do not offer stats bonuses.
  • Stealth Elf and Whirlwind are the only female members of Eon's Elite.
  • The original Eon's Elite from Trap Team no longer appear on the Skylanders Official Website.
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