“Typical Trolls... they are stealing oil from the land without a permit. Bust up their pipes and put an end to their shady business. Oh, and be on the lookout for Mini-knights. They are guarding keys you'll need.”

Environmentally Unfriendly is a Heroic Challenge in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure and Skylanders: Giants. It is unlocked by Drill Sergeant in Spyro's Adventure. It uses the map of the Battlefield and requires 7 oil pipes to be destroyed in under three minutes and fifteen seconds.

The Skylander starts the Challenge in the right portion of the map; a pipe is located directly in front of him or her. From there, the Skylander may defeat the first group of Mini-Knights to grab the first key, and he or she may decide to keep moving either left or right; the right path requires a key in order to go down it. The left route is quicker, as it leads to another pipe and a straightforward route from then on, but there are many more enemies down it. There are three groups of Mini-knights in total, which provide just enough keys to access all of the pipes. The center of the map is occupied by two Trollverines and a Gun Snout, but two pipes are located there.

In some portions of the map, mines will need to be avoided to prevent taking damage on the way to other pipes (one pipe is located behind a long line of mines). In addition, there are two Teleporters that lead to one another, allowing for quick movement to and from above one of the trenches.



  • The first pipe can be destroyed by some Skylanders before Cali begins her opening dialogue.
  • This Heroic Challenge is the only level in the entire Skylanders franchise to mention the name of the Mini-Knights.

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