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“Out of Sight!”
    —Enigma's official catchphrase

Enigma is a mysterious invisible cloaked spirit who is one of the Magic Trap Masters in Skylanders: Trap Team.


Physical Traits

Enigma is a mysterious humanoid blue skinned figure whose face is completely concealed by a red hood with the signature Trap Master symbol.  He wears a large red cloak with a yellow patterns and a red vest with matching pants that are held by a gold buckled-brown belt, as well as brown wrist bandages and matching boots. His Traptanium Sigil is a large U-shaped staff with a large eyeball in between.


Sometimes Enigma can be difficult to figure out. He's kind of like a puzzle.[1] Despite his reclusive nature, he possesses a courageous side as he willingly sacrificed his only gateway home to prevent the Darkness from entering his realm. In Ring of Heroes, he's inquisitive and spares no compliments for those who deserve it, but keeps it to himself when it comes to teamwork and focuses on the larger picture when it comes to villains.


Summoned by a Mabu Mystic, Enigma comes from a nameless place "between the worlds." Though the Mystic was really just looking for someone to play Skystones, he was quickly enraptured by Enigma's stories about his mysterious homeland. Unfortunately, the Darkness got wind of these stories, and seeking another realm to conquer, sent minions to lay siege on the gateway that remained open. Making matters worse, the Mabu had no idea how to close it. So, with a legion of minions fast approaching, Enigma chose to use his Sigil of Mystery to seal the doorway – cutting him off from his home forever. This large sacrifice caught the attention of the Trap Team, who welcomed Enigma and gave him a new home as a protector of Skylands. He now uses his Traptanium Sigil to put a world of hurt on evil everywhere!


Light in the Dark

Enigma took part in the fight against Pain-Yatta's army of candy warriors. Lead by Gearshift, he and several other Skylanders fought a group of candy soldiers to save three Mabu before retreating into an old castle fortress to hold out when the army began to grow in numbers. As they were cornered by the candy army within the fortress, Enigma and the other Skylanders served as Skylands' last line of defense, battling Pain-Yatta's army with all of their might. The candy army soon fell to pieces just as the Skylanders were becoming overwhelmed (thanks to the actions of the Light and Dark Skylanders in their fight against Pain-Yatta), earning the heroes their victory.

Skylanders: Ring of Heroes

This section of the story is not depicted in the Reboot Update of the game, as the story quests were removed entirely.

After the Earth Portal Master, Cali, Flynn, Hugo and the Skylanders reached the end of Rainbow Valley, Enigma approached the Portal Master, with intent to test their worth. For most of the Part 2 Quests, Enigma gives out advice and directions for them to take, interested in villain movements around the islands.



These are the starting and maximum Statistics for this Skylander in the Skylanders games.

  • Health: 310 (max. 620)
  • Speed: 60 (max. 108)
  • Armor: 30 (max. 60)
  • Critical Hit: 60 (max. 110)
  • Elemental Power: 32 (max. 82)

Warning: These stats are not used in any of the Skylander games. They are only listed for completeness reasons.

  • Strength: 80
  • Defense: 160
  • Agility: 240
  • Luck: 80


Basic Abilities
These abilities are available from the start of the game.
Soul Gem Ability
Requires Soul Gem from:
Operation: Troll Rocket Steal
Mystic Staff Invisibility Mode
An Eye For Several Eyes
Primary Ability
Press Attack 1 to swing the Mystic Staff. Attack 1, Attack 1, HOLD Attack 1 for a combo.
Secondary Ability
Press Attack 2 to turn invisible and move around in total stealth
Price: 4000
Hold Attack 3 and press Attack 1 to fire eye beams and rain down eye balls.
Basic Upgrades
Skylanders can buy new abilities from Persephone/Power Pods.
Paradox Pound Magic Mist Cloak and Dagger Paradox Power
Price: 500
Press Attack 3 to slam the staff into the ground and damage all nearby enemies.
Price: 700
Magic Mist released in invisiblity Mode damages enemies over time.
Price: 900
Invisibility Mode lasts longer and freezes enemies; cloak can do damage well.
Price: 1200
Paradox Pound does more damage.
Chief of Staff
View Invisible Invader
Improves the Mystic Staff attacks.
Eye Dash Combo Cloak Dash Combo It's Raining Eyes?
Price: 1700
Press Attack 1, Attack 1, Attack 2 for a Cloak Dash combo
Price: 2200
Press Attack 1, Attack 1, Attack 3 for an Eye Slam Combo.
Price: 3000
Hold Attack 3 to charge up the Paradox Pound attack and rain down magic eyeballs.
Invisible Invader
View Chief of Staff
Improves Invisibility Mode attacks.
Ninja Style Mindboggling Give Up The Ghost
Price: 1700
Attacks coming out of Invisibility Mode do extra damage.
Price: 2200
Paradox Pound does even MORE damage and blasts enemies back.
Price: 3000
Ghost versions of yourself appear while in Invisibility Mode.


Mysterious Staff (Active)

1 enemy
Inflicts 64% of ATK as damage to 1 enemy, and grants the Beneficial Effect Immunity Effect for 2 turn(s) with a 50% chance when you attack accurately.

Mana cost: 3
Cooldown: 4 seconds


Cape and Danger (Active)

1 Enemy
Inflicts 127% of ATK as damage to 1 enemy, and grants the Bless Effect on the ally with the highest ATK currently for 1 turn(s).

Mana cost: 4
Cooldown: 5 seconds


Magic Fog (Passive)

If your Endurance is below 1 at the beginning of the turn, grants the Stealth Effect on yourself for 1 turn(s).

Mana cost:


Power of Paradox (Leader (Passive))

Increase your Effect Resistance Rate by 20% in battle.
Leader Effect
The Effect Resistance Rate of Magic Element team members is increased by 20% in battle.

Mana cost:

Skylanders can use abilities depending on their level.

Starting Powers

  • TBA (Primary Attack): TBA
  • TBA (Secondary Attack): TBA


  • TBA (requires level: TBA): TBA
  • TBA (requires level: TBA): TBA
  • TBA (requires level: TBA): TBA

Trap Attack Preview

Trap Attack: Fill up the Trap Attack gauge by defeating enemies and collecting TRAPTANIUM shards.
Once the gauge is full, press [L] to unleash a devastating attack, unique to each Trap Master!


Battle Cries

  • "Out of Sight!"
  • "Back again!"
  • "When you least expect it!"
  • "Sneak attack!"
  • "A quiet success!"
  • "Mean and unseen!"
  • "Out of sight, out of mind!"
  • "In the blink of an eye!"
  • "Lets move!"
  • "Moving beyond!"
  • "Slipping through!"
  • "Trick of the trade!"
  • "Time for a sneak peek!"
  • "The king of unseen!"
  • "An excellent hideaway."
  • "A quiet sucess."
  • "Never a doubt."
  • "Leaving no trace behind!"
  • "Don't provoke the cloak!"
  • "Power flash!" - when leveling up
  • "Power strike!"
  • "Not a single flaw in sight." - when checking stats
  • "I see remarkable progress."
  • "I am a sight to behold." - when wearing a hat
  • "This hat looks rather ... flashy."
  • "I suggest we keep this name a secret." - when given a nickname
  • "A mysterious choice for a name."

Ring of Heroes

  • "Welcome, Portal Master. I've heard many great things about you. I wish to see for myself whether everything they say about you is true. Accompany a fire Skylander and take down those enemies. I will be watching."
  • "Power-up Skylanders as you see fit. But if I you were to ask me to go with you, I would have to think about it."
  • "...Cyclopses have been taken care of, but now we have to tend to Wolfgang's antics. He announced he's preparing a concert just for us, apparently out of spite. Go and let him know his racket isn't music!"

Character Trailers




  • Much like Star Strike, Enigma's face is concealed by his hood. However, Enigma's head appears to be invisible.
  • Enigma is the first to have a figure form that is half transparent.
  • Enigma shares the ability to go invisible with Stealth Elf.
  • He makes a cameo in the Fortune Telling card in Skylanders: Battlecast, possibly as a reference to The Magician Tarot Arcana.
  • Enigma is the only Skylander with a special running animation in Ring of Heroes, teleporting to the next screen rather than walking.
    • He mentions in a Part 2 Quest that he finds the Troll King familiar, implying that the troll might be from the same dimension he comes from.
  • Enigma and Double Trouble have many similarities:
    • They both have blue skin.
    • They are both Magic sorcerers with covered faces.
  • Enigma is also similar to Wisemon from the Digimon series: both are mysterious, cloaked entities.


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