The Enchanted Elven is an Adventure Pack in Skylanders: Imaginators, available with Boom Bloom and an Air Creation Crystal. One of Stealth Elf's masters, Grandmaster Cami Flage, was experimenting on the local plants with a new fertilizer, but it caused them to be mutated into monsters that began attacking the Elven treefolk. Stealth Elf and the Skylanders will have to stop the mutants all the while stop a crazed Cami Flage from spreading fires.


  • Save the Elven Village

Areas to Find

  • The Lower Landing Platform
  • The Sleepy Sloth
  • The Wind Rise
  • Red Leaf Courtyard
    • Element: Life
  • The Elven Treasury
  • The Red Stair
    • Element: Life
  • The Elven Hideaway
  • The Plushie Palace
  • The Overgrown Commons
    • Element: Life
  • The Fire Rise
  • Orange Light Quarter
  • Fallen Log Outpost
  • Thom's Training Quarters
  • The Master's Hut
    • Element: Sensei
  • The Ordeal
  • The High Court
  • Element: Water



Swimming Floats in the Elven Forest (which resemble the prototypes of Krayken and the unnamed Bird Skylander)

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