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Elves are one of the many species that exist in Skylands. They have appeared frequently around the Skylanders series including as Skylanders.

Other species include the Frost Elves, that live in cold areas, and the Drow, who have chosen to become evil but still retain their love for nature.

Notable Elves

Skylander Elves

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Other Elves



  • The Elves in Skylanders also have multiple skin tones rather than the typical human-like tone, although green is the most common.
  • Many Elven Skylanders hide certain parts of them:
    • Stealth Elf and Whisper Elf hide their noses and lips with their ninja masks.
    • Flameslinger conceals his eyes with his blindfold.
    • Hex, Hijinx, and Bushwhack keep their ears and hair hidden with their fancy headgears and his helmet, respectively.
    • Rider wears a helmet to conceal the color of his hair.
    • Ninjini and Mini Jini are the only ones who don't.
  • All elves have large, pointed ears, though the actual size varies.
  • Ninjini is the only known elven Giant.
  • While most elves, including the Elven Skylanders, have featureless eyes, the Frost Elves have colored irises and pupils. The Collector, Bushwhack and Hex's living appearance also have, or had, irises and pupils.
  • All the Elven Skylanders from Spyro's Adventure have evil counterparts.