Elementary, My Dear Eruptor is the fifth episode of Skylanders Academy Season 2.


Eruptor discovers he has the Sherlock Holmes-like ability to figure out who's guilty of committing evil deeds.


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Midterm exams are over and Hugo has to grade hundreds of exam papers. Fortunately, Sprocket has provided Hugo with a new and advanced grading machine - the Skytron 5000. To remove doubt of a malfunction, Sprocket tests the machine with old exam papers, which has found numerous grading errors, leading to a shocking discovery by Master Eon; informing the Skylanders that one of the team achieved the highest score in the intelligence exam than Spyro, revealing to be Eruptor.

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Eruptor himself has doubts about being a genius but is motivated to test his intellect as the Skylanders motivate him. Eruptor goes through different activities to test and specify his intelligence but he fails to execute. With no progress, Eruptor becomes upset, but when he ponders aimlessly at the Library he suddenly solves Hugo's unsolved disappearance of his cookies by analyzing leftover cookie crumbs mixed with bird seed, pinpointing Jet Vac responsible of eating the cookies. Eruptor realizes that his ability to quickly solve cases by detecting and piecing out minuscule evidence is his intelligence's superpower. However, the reason why he withheld this ability is due to severe headaches, a side effect by his sight's extreme focus and ability to time warp. To counteract this, Sprocket invents special contact lenses for his eyes. The lenses work, enabling Eruptor to find the culprit who keeps stealing Eon's beard spray - a sheep.

Elsewhere, Kaos is granted permission from Golden Queen to acquire an assistant among the Doom Raiders. Broccoli Guy volunteers to fill in for the position. Kaos briefs him of what his position will entail, but accidentally hurts his foot. Broccoli Guy heals his foot for him. Amazed, Kaos wishes to gain his healing ability. Broccoli Guy can only pass his ability if he is able to absorbed all eight natural elements in Skylands in his staff.

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Meanwhile, with Eruptor's unique detective abilities, he is now able to figure out all of the Academy's secrets. Suddenly, Master Eon alerts the Skylanders of a phenomena occurring at an isle with a flock of sheep. The entire field of grass in the isle has turned grey, Eruptor deduces that someone has absorbed the entire life energy of the island's soil. Broccoli Guy has become significantly powerful and sinister after claiming the Earth element earlier. He orders Kaos to incapacitate a distracted Snap Shot to secure his absorption of the entire Swamplands' water element. The Skylanders arrive too late and find the former warden's entire home has dried up. Eruptor gathers enough evidence from the area to claim that Kaos is responsible and Spyro doubts that Kaos is capable of such a scheme, but Eruptor mocks him, asserting that Spyro is mistaken. With a superior mind, Eruptor volunteers to investigate the situation alone while the rest assist Snap Shot back to the Academy. Spyro tries to dissuade him into facing the villain alone, worried for his safety. But Eruptor believes he envies his new powers, adding with his hypocrisy that he knows Spyro's secret of stealing a book from the Relics Room and told no one. Frustrated, Spyro leaves a boastful Eruptor to wander alone, following Kaos and Broccoli Guy's trail.

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Broccoli Guy intends on taking the Air element around his broccoli patch. Kaos is growing frustrated that Broccoli Guy has not offered him his healing ability. Broccoli Guy reveals he never intended to offer his powers but only to gain knowledge of Kaossandra's castle location from Kaos, as him filling in as Kaos's assistant was a secret order given by Golden Queen. Kaos bursts into laughter, as he reveals that his mother's castle constantly relocates throughout the Skylands but discloses that Glumshanks is the only person his mother trusts to have the knowledge of the castle's current location. Broccoli Guy proceeds to seek out Glumshanks, forcefully disregarding Kaos. Eruptor arrives to apprehend Kaos but Kaos convinces him that Broccoli Guy is responsible for stealing the elements. Kaos agrees to assist Eruptor as they try to find the now endangered Glumshanks.

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At Campus Town, Glumshanks arrives at Skylands Community College but is confronted by Broccoli Guy, interrogating him for the castle's location. Glumshanks claims he has no clue so Broccoli Guy instead decides to take his life element. Kaos and Eruptor arrives in time to intervene, and Kaos helps Glumshanks escape the fight. Eruptor is overpowered, and Broccoli Guy begins stealing his fire element. With his remaining strength, Eruptor sends out a distress signal to the Academy, unbeknownst to Broccoli Guy. The Skylanders quickly respond to his situation and is able to subdue Broccoli Guy. Separated from his staff, the stolen elements begin to fade off of Broccoli Guy and his staff, weakening him and with all the elements returning to the Skylands. Kaos offers to help a frail Broccoli Guy escape but on the condition that he reveal all of Golden Queen's intentions and remain silent of being exposed by still acting as his normal "assistant". A defeated Broccoli Guy humiliatingly accepts and both return to the Doom Raiders.

After regaining back his strength, Eruptor offers an apology for being too arrogant with his abilities. They forgive his misbehavior and Eruptor decides to be his normal-self without the use of his new detective powers by destroying the contact lenses. Master Eon, however, grows worrisome of how Broccoli Guy acted hostile even towards his own evil peers.

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As they near the Doom Raiders' camp, Kaos reminds Broccoli Guy of his position to remain silent of what has transpired, now serving as his informant of the Golden Queen's secrets. Knowing that Golden Queen and the Doom Raiders are only using him to access knowledge of his mother's castle, Kaos decides to surreptitiously abandon the Doom Raiders for good with Broccoli Guy ensuring he does so.

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  • Kaos learns that Golden Queen is using him to find Kaossandra's Castle and now plans to leave the Doom Raiders.


  • Trolls are mentioned to be great sources of Life elemental energy, despite having an affinity with Tech in the main games.
  • The episode's name and theme are a parody of the Sherlock Holmes-inspired shows Sherlock and Elementary. A common criticism of the shows is the main characters' unlikeability and pretentiousness, despite how efficient they are in solving the problems in the stories.
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