Earth Elemental Gate
Elemental Gates are area obstacles in the Skylanders series. They mainly act as entrances to secret areas, challenges and collectibles within levels. To open a gate, the player must have a Skylander (or a Trap Master in the console and tablet versions of Skylanders: Trap Team) matching the Element of the gate. Approach it, and the gate of the respective element will disappear, allowing entry into the elemental zone.

Elemental Gates appear in each level of Spyro's Adventure, Giants, Swap Force and Trap Team, sometimes hidden. There are some exceptions, such as The Oracle, as well as certain levels dedicated solely to battle/survival arenas and boss fights. Additionally, Swap Force features Dual-Elemental Gates, requiring either 2 Skylanders or SWAP Force combination with both elements.

In SuperChargers, there is only one Elemental Gate, located in the hub outside the Skylanders Academy. It is possible to reload the area to change the Element. The gate leads to one of ten Vehicle Zones. Any Skylander can access them as long as the element of the Vehicle matches the gate. These Gates contain timed challenges, and cannot be explored freely. In a later update, the gates were added to specific parts of regular chapters, but their Zones act the same.

In SuperChargers Racing, each of the five story mode Tours features two Elemental Gates. Like in the main game, they are unlocked with a Vehicle of the matching Element. However, the elements of the gates are fixed, like in earlier games. Each of the ten Elements has a single gate, behind which is a race, followed by a mod chest upon completion.

In Imaginators, the gates were replaced by whole Sensei Elemental Realms.


  • In Perilous Pastures, there is a place that can only be accessed by a Life Skylander, but there's no element marking the spot. No other level in any of the games has this feature.
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