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The Elemental Destroyers were a group of golems in Skylanders: Ring of Heroes. They each possess a different element and specialty, and are fought at the end of the Distorted Dimensions' dungeons. Like other Distorted Dimension bosses, they're also protected by Watcher Stones.


  • The Air Destroyer, the Raging Devastator, manipulates turn order to attack frequently.
  • The Dark Destroyer, the Abyss Devastator, uses its Watcher Stones to stack debuff after debuff on the target, to use its attacks that become stronger the more the enemy has them.
  • The Earth Destroyer, the Merciless Devastator, exploits both Endurance and the Stun status effect, fighting to not allow its enemies to get an attack in.
  • The Fire Destroyer, the Torrid Devastator, becomes stronger as its HP gets lower.
  • The Light Destroyer, the Purging Devastator, uses its Watcher Stones to gain the Shield Status Effect, combining his defense with abilties that become stronger while they're active.
  • The Life Destroyer, the Painful Devastator, has a permanent Drain effect, stealing life from its enemies with every attack.
  • The Magic Destroyer, the Uncanny Devastator, uses its runing rings for a deadly onslaught of attacks, with the ability to stun enemies and pierce defense.
  • The Tech Destroyer, the Steely Devastator, resists weak attacks for as long as possible, not taking any damage if they do less than 5% of its HP.
  • The Undead Destroyer, the Ghastly Devastator, picks off its enemies one by one with a deadly Instant Defeat effect, that will take out its prey if the golem isn't defeated first.
  • The Water Destroyer, the Shielded Devastator, uses its suit to protect itself from an unstoppable assault, having a cap on how much damage each enemy can do to it.



  • The Destroyers were designed after the Elemental Guardians in the Cairos Dungeon, in the Com2us game Summoners War.
  • The Magic Destroyer is the only golem that has distinctively different attack animations, using the runic circles on his back to fire. Oddly, though the Tech Destroyer has shoulder guns, it uses the same animations as the rest.
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