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“May the strength of earth, steel and iron be with us! We're tough as rocks!”
    —Ring of Heroes Relationship Description

Earth is one of the ten elements in the Skylanders series. The most solid and dependable of all Elements that make up the Core of Light, Earth interacts with the other Elements in some very unique ways.[1] This element is associated with the color brown and its many shades.


What does Earth make us think of? Rocks, soil, dry, dusty landscapes? Maybe. But the Earth element has much more to it than that, and Skylanders who draw on its power are a real force to be reckoned with. Whether causing earthquakes, projecting energy beams through crystal or swimming through rock, Earth Skylanders have all manner of tricks at their disposal for battling evil.

Even now we have only just began to explore the vast mysterious world beneath our feet. Many creatures aligned with Earth are rare and fantastic beasts, from Rock Golems to Dirt Sharks.[2]

When Earth Portal Masters were taken from their homeworld into Skylands, Portal Master George became the Earth specialist.


Skylanders associated with the element of Earth in this game manipulate the soil and the earth itself against their enemies. These Skylanders are weak to Air and strong against Tech in the Battle Arena. In Skylanders: Ring of Heroes, Earth is strong against Water and Tech, and weak against Air and Undead.

In their toy form, Earth-based Skylanders also stand on a brown pedestal with crystals protruding from the sides.

All Earth Skylanders can destroy rock formations with their attacks, and some of them can destroy purple Tzo Crystals as well. After opening an Earth Gate, they move nearby floating rocks together to form a bridge.

In the turret sections of Skylanders: Trap Team, Earth Skylanders can use the ability Stone Storm, which summons a giant boulder in the targeted area. In Kaos Doom Challenge, they can summon a rock with crystals erupting from it that fire lasers. It can be upgraded to have more crystal outcrops for focused shots and floating support crystals.

In Skylanders: SuperChargers, Earth-aligned Portal Master Powers include a protective barrier of stones, turning enemies to stone, and gaining a temporary Armor boost. Those are distributed in several conditions, and the names are as follows:

  • Stony Barrier - Earth Skylanders get a protective barrier of stones in an Earth Zone.
  • Stony Entrance - Earth Skylanders turn enemies to stone when summoned.
  • Gorgon Strike - Earth Skylander attacks have a chance to turn enemies to stone.
  • Earthen Guard - A chance for Earth Skylanders hit in an Earth Zone to gain a temporary Armor boost.
  • Rocky Desperation - Earth Skylanders get a protective barrier of stones when their health is low.

Skylanders: Imaginators

Earth Imaginators can choose from four different abilities as their secondary attack:

Earth Elemental Imaginator Powers
The first two of these powers are unlocked at the start of the game, the other two are unlocked by leveling up your Imaginator.
Earth Shaker
Mastered Earth Shaker
Crystal Calamity
Mastered Crystal Calamity
Earth Fist
Mastered Earth Fist
Rhino Beetle
Mastered Rhino Beetle
Original Power
Press and hold Attack 2 to burrow underground, shaking the ground underneath your enemies.
View Upgrade
Price: 1500
Press and hold Attack 2 to burrow and cause a shockwave as you return, gaining a brief increase to your defenses.
View Base Power
Original Power
Press Attack 2 to summon exploding crystals from deep underground.
View Upgrade
Price: 1500
Press Attack 2 to to summon exploding crystals. Summoning now emits protective shockwaves as crystals are placed.
View Base Power
Unlocked at Level 3
Press Attack 2 to hit your enemies with earthen uppercuts.
View Upgrade
Price: 1500
Press Attack 2 to hit your enemies with earthen uppercuts surrounded by smoldering rock hazards.
View Base Power
Unlocked at Level 5
Press Attack 2 to summon the ancient Rhino Beetle! Press Attack 2 again for a Rhino Dive Attack.
View Upgrade
Price: 1500
Press Attack to summon the famed Rhino Beetle Master, who now does stronger Rhino Dive attacks.
View Base Power

The default color schemes for Earth Imaginators are Desert Storm, Mudslide Madness, Rocky Mountain, Bronze Age, Chocolate Cream, Midas Touch and Mudslide, not to be confused with the second scheme. Parts unlocked by Earth Creation Crystals are from the Construction Bot set, including many, oddly, robotic parts.

Earth Elemental Characters


Core Skylanders
Bash Icon.png Bash
Birthday Bash Icon.png Birthday Bash
(Lost Islands Alter Ego)
Legendary Bash Icon.png Legendary Bash
Dino-Rang Icon.png Dino-Rang
Elite Dino-Rang Icon.png Elite Dino-Rang
Fist Bump Icon.png Fist Bump
Flashwing Icon.png Flashwing
Jade Flashwing Icon.png Jade Flashwing
Light Flashwing
Prism Break Icon.png Prism Break
Rocky Roll Icon.png Rocky Roll
Rocky Egg Roll Icon.png Rocky Egg Roll
(Lost Islands Alter Ego)
Scorp Icon.png Scorp
Slobber Tooth Icon.png Slobber Tooth
Dark Slobber Tooth Icon.png Dark Slobber Tooth
Sundae Slobber Tooth Icon.png Sundae Slobber Tooth
(Lost Islands Alter Ego)
Terrafin Icon.png Terrafin
Elite TerraFin Icon.png Elite Terrafin
Crusher Icon.png Crusher
Granite Crusher Icon.png Granite Crusher
SWAP Force Movement Type
Doom Stone Icon.png Doom Stone Spin
Rubble Rouser Icon.png Rubble Rouser Dig
Trap Masters
Head Rush Icon.png Head Rush
Nitro Head Rush Icon.png Nitro Head Rush
Wallop Icon.png Wallop
Bop Icon.png Bop
Terrabite Icon.png Terrabite
Shark Shooter Terrafin Icon.png Shark Shooter Terrafin
Smash Hit Icon.png Smash Hit
Steel Plated Smash Hit Icon.png Steel Plated Smash Hit
Senseis Battle Class
Barbella Icon.png Barbella Sentinel
Golden Queen Icon.png Golden Queen
Dark Golden Queen Icon.png Dark Golden Queen
Tri-Tip Icon.png Tri-Tip
Legendary Tri-Tip Icon.png Legendary Tri-Tip


Chomp Chest Villain Icon.png Chomp Chest
Golden Queen Villain Icon.png Golden Queen
Grave Clobber Villain Icon.png Grave Clobber
Tussle Sprout Villain Icon.png Tussle Sprout

Earth Elemental Items

Earth Traps.png Earth Traps
  • Banded Boulder (Orb)
  • Dust of Time (Hourglass)
  • Rock Hawk (Toucan)
  • Rubble Trouble (Handstand)
  • Slag Hammer (Hammer)
  • Spinning Sandstorm (Totem)
Earth Crystals.png Earth Creation Crystals
Vehicles Terrain
Glitter Glider Icon.png Golden Queen's Glitter Glider Sea
Shark Tank symbol.png Shark Tank Land
Thump Truck symbol.png Thump Truck Land

Battlecast Spell Cards

Earth spells are a combination of great damage and great energy. Being able to create extra crystals, they are able to use stronger abilities before their opponent, and those abilities, though costly, are a force to be reckoned with, from increasing a character's power to raw damage dealt to both frontline and sidelines.

The scrapped Earth team spell for this are the Bonds of Earth, which increase the health of the active ally by bonding it with the ground for each Earth character on the team.

Quicksand Rock Solid Hurling Boulder

Snare the active enemy. Give it -30 power until your next turn.

Rock Solidcard.png

Give your active ally +30 max health.

Hurling Bouldercard.png

Crush a frontline enemy for 60 damage.

Prophetic Pick - Relic Excavate Cobalt Cornerstone - Relic
Prophetic Pick - Reliccard.png

At the start of your turn, gain 1 energy.


Gain a crystal.

Cobalt Cornerstone - Reliccard.png

Enemy attacks deal -40 damage.

Harmonic Pulse Unstoppa-Boulder Landslide
Harmonic Pulsecard.png

Shock a frontline enemy for 10 damage for each crystal you have.


Crush a frontline enemy for 90 damage.


Randomly crush your enemies for 150 damage.

The Motherlode Crystal Cudgel - Gear Earthquake
The Motherlodecard.png

Gain two crystals.

Crystal Cudgel - Gearcard.png

+10 power for each crystal you have


Crush each enemy for 100 damage.

Meteor Strike Bonds of Earth
Meteor Strikecard.png

Crush each frontline enemy or 250 damage.

Bonds of Earthcard.png

Give your active ally +20 max health for each Earth character on your team.

Character spells: See Crusher, Flashwing, Smash Hit and Prism Break



  • Figures in the Earth element usually stand on a mound of dirt with a few greenish-blue crystals on it.
  • In Skylanders: Giants, the music from Stonetown plays in the Earth elemental zones.
  • Earth has three dinosaurs: Dino-Rang, Slobber Tooth, and Tri-Tip.
  • This is the first element to have two dragons, Bash and Flashwing.
  • This element has four Golems: Prism Break, Crusher, Rubble Rouser and Doom Stone.
    • Rubble Rouser is the only Golem without crystals on his body.
  • Crusher, Rubble Rouser and Wallop are currently the only Earth Skylanders who use hammers as weapons.
    • The Earth element has the most Skylanders with hammers as weapons.
  • Earth has more female Senseis than males.
  • This is the only element where all of its SuperChargers appeared in Skylanders: Ring of Heroes.


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