“The great Amber Medallions are guarded by some real rough customers. You'll need to defeat them all if you want to get to the next medallion and live to tell about it.”

Dungeoness Creeps is a Heroic Challenge in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure and Skylanders: Giants that is unlocked by Cynder. It uses a map similar in design to Cadaverous Crypt and requires all 13 Amber Medallions to be collected in under three minutes and thirty seconds.

The Skylander is provided with a single key at the beginning of the Challenge, and one of two doors must be opened. Each door leads to a set of rooms; each room contains a many enemies and a single Amber Medallion. Collecting the medallion and defeating all of the enemies in the room lowers a gate to the next room. Both sets of rooms contain exactly 6 medallions, and each room (except for the last room in each set) contains enemies. At the end of each set of rooms is a Teleporter; if the Skylander has not collected the sixth medallion in the last room, the Skylander will be reminded of it before taking the Teleporter. If all 6 medallions have been collected, the Teleporter will lead back to the beginning of the Challenge, where another key appears for the Skylander to open the other door. If the 12 medallions in both sets of rooms are collected, the Teleporter will lead to a round platform with the last medallion; approaching the medallion causes many Rotting Robbies to spawn, but they can be cleverly spawned one at a time to prevent them from overwhelming the Skylander.


Spyro's Adventure



  • Upon closer inspection of an Amber Medallion, a mosquito can be seen frozen in the amber.
  • Even though there are a few Purple Chompies that appear in this Challenge, Cali does not seem to mind the Skylander defeating them, even though she forbids the Skylander from doing so in Save the Purple Chompies!

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