“Don't just stand there like yard ornaments!”

Duff is a stern, military Frost Elf who appears in Skylanders: Swap Force. A good friend of Avril, he is the man tasked with leading the attack against hostile forces in Winter Keep - as well as protecting the Illuminator from harm.

Early in Duff's life, he developed a knack for finding hidden treasures that were buried under trees. His resourceful ability has helped to fund many of the Elves' annual Frost Festivals.[1]


  • Like Avril, he speaks in a thick Scottish accent.
  • It can be assumed that he, too, is a member of the Frost Elf Guard, though his position is unknown.
  • When Flynn blinds the group with the Illuminator's refraction, Duff is least affected.
    • However, he displays the most anger, possibly out of concern for his friends or aggravation with Flynn's inability to follow orders.
  • Despite Duff's bright ginger facial hair, his eyebrows are a similar tint to the insides of his ears. It is possible that this could be an error.


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