“Watch out for razor sharp flying discs.”
    —Game description

Drow Witches are a type of Drow that throw sharp flying discs at the Skylanders. They are only found in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure in the console versions, but are found in many levels of the 3DS games, sometimes wearing pink instead of green.

In the 3DS version of Skylanders: Trap Team, they are called Elf Healers, gaining said healing powers and magic blasts, and one specific Drow appears as a Nightmare Villain.


Lightning Rod Faces the Cyclopes Queen

A Drow Witch had shapeshifted into a young sad Mabu girl in order to trick Cali. When Cali asked her what was wrong, the Witch grabbed Cali and revealed her true form before flying Cali up to Kaos' ship.

Later during a battle between the Drow and Cyclopses, a Drow Witch magically turned Pipsqueak into a pot of petunias.

Game Data

Health: 40 HP (17 HP) Damage methods:

  • Flying disk projectile: 19 damage
Italicized text refers to values only present in Heroic Challenges.

Values may vary depending on location, difficulty, and/or other factors.

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  • The Elf Healer variants have a different pattern in their clothes than their console counterparts.
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