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Drill-X is a giant drilling machine in Skylanders: Giants. He appeared in his oil rig where he drills his way to the Lost City of Arkus under orders of Kaos. Drill-X sings to express himself.[2] There are different phases in the battle, and in between each phase, Drill-X starts singing. First, he drills the ground, attacking with rocks. In the second phase he sweeps his drill, and on the third he smashes his drill, leaving waves of fire. He summons lasers throughout the fight.

Drill-X's Song

First Verse

It's the end of the track, Skylander!
This drill-bot is on the scene!
I'll knock you forward and back
with a robo attack
'cause you're messing with the wrong machine!

Second Verse

You don't stand a chance, Skylander!
Even though you won that round...
'Cause the power won't drop
And my drillin' won't stop
'til the City of Arkus is found!

Third Verse

Hold on, time out, Skylander!
There's something up with my drill.
But you better watch out,
You'll be down for the count
When I show you my smashing skills!

Fourth Verse

What did you do, Skylander?!
You've just won the final round!
I can't keep the beat
I'm feeling defeat,
And my systems are all shutting down...

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  • The name "Drill-X" may be a reference to the dubstep musician Skrillex.
  • Comparison of versions, you can see the glitch in the Wii version.

    His battle method resembles that of The Great Mighty Poo in Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live and Reloaded, as they are both bosses who sing verses during their boss fights.
  • In It's Christmas 4 Bad Guyz 2, Drill-X sings a variation of his song with words changed to sound jolly.
  • Drill-X is the only boss in Giants who has a health meter.
  • In the Wii version, there is a glitch that causes part of his body to disappear in the third part of the battle.
  • Mesmeralda is similar to Drill-X, as they both have their own song in battle.


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