“You don't want this head in your head.”
    —Villain Vault

Dreamcatcher is a floating head who is one of the Air villains in Skylanders: Trap Team. She is a member of the Doom Raiders.


Dreamcatcher is very mischievous and enjoys driving others insane with her dream manipulation, though when confronted she will make petty excuses for her cruel behavior. She has the attitude of a stereotypical teenage girl, occassionally speaking with text phrases such as "OMG" and "TTYL".


Dreamcatcher can look into the dreams of others and see their secrets. She can harness the power of one's dreams to create a forcefield around herself, bring worst nightmares to life, heal herself and letting the dreams of individuals run amok and alter reality. Her psychic abilities allow her to sense the current conditions of her allies, as she was able to report the defeat and capture of the Chompy Mage and Chef Pepper Jack at the hands of the Skylanders. Dreamcatcher can also manipulate the wind, with her tornado attack occasionally pulling sheep from people's dreams. She steals dreams by summoning mechanical claws with her Dream Drain and can form her Dreamquake, which is a stormy cyclone with lightning. In Skylanders: Battlecast, she can also create illusions where her enemies' worst fears become true, and "break" dreams by destroying its landscape and causing damage to people around it. She can also summon a relic called the Screamcatcher, an enchanted dreamcatcher that twists an enemy's spell into damage against its allies.



Cloudcracker is not the first prison from which Dreamcatcher has escaped. She had actually escaped from Lucid Lockdown within the Realm of Dreams – before escaping from the dream realm itself! Not only can she read your mind while you’re sleeping but she can bring your worst nightmares to life. Using her mischievous powers of dream-stealing, she has driven entire villages to the point of madness – all for the sheer thrill of it. Her playfully evil nature is what got her noticed by the Golden Queen, who needed a good psychic for her evil schemes... and also for relationship advice. Loving both cunning plans and gossip, Dreamcatcher was happy to oblige and promptly joined the Doom Raiders. Although due to her aforementioned mischievous nature, the Golden Queen has found the relationship advice questionable.

Dreamcatcher and the other Doom Raiders terrorized Skylands without end until they were eventually confronted and defeated by the Trap Masters. Afterwards, they were locked away inside Cloudcracker Prison where they would never again threaten Skylands.

Skylanders: Trap Team

Dreamcatcher talking with the Golden Queen about the capture of the Chompy Mage.

Dreamcatcher and the other Doom Raiders were freed from Cloudcracker Prison by Kaos who had hoped to appoint himself as the new leader of the Doom Raiders. Unfortunately, the villainous group had other ideas of taking over Skylands constructed by their leader, the Golden Queen. Dreamcatcher, using her psychic abilities, reported to the Golden Queen about the capture of the Chompy Mage and Chef Pepper Jack as their plan was set to motion. Under the Queen's orders, Dreamcatcher was sent to Monster Marsh to steal the dreams of the Mabu in order to learn the secrets of Traptanium. The Skylanders however, interfered with her plan, waking the Mabu from their slumber that was creating havoc in their already unlucky town.

The Dreamcatcher retreated to Telescope Towers where she placed all of the Mabu scientists under her sleep spell and allowed their dreams to warp the entire area. Eventually, the Skylanders awakened the Mabu around the observatory while making their way through the Towers to reach the Dreamcatcher. Once confronted, the floating head revealed that she had already learned the secrets of Traptanium from the dreams of the scientists. She then engaged the Skylanders to a battle to stop their heroic deeds, only to be overcomed and captured.


Story Quotes

  • "Yeah! Let's keep the chair and ditch the creep!"
  • "Welcome to your nightmare, Skylander."
  • "OMG, Skylander! Why do you have to be such a pain?! Well, I can be a pain too."
  • "Uh oh, Skylander, looks like more of the village is breaking apart! I sure hope you don't fall or anything."
  • "Ugh, you are seriously seriously lame, Skylander. I'd love to keep fighting, but I got places to go, people to steal dreams from. TTYL!"
  • "You're too late, Sky-Ruiner! I've already learned the secrets of Traptanium from these scientists' dreams. But this whole hero thing you're doing is getting really tiresome, so I think it's time I finally put an end to it."
  • "Prepare to be blown away!"
  • "I'm out of dream energy! Quick, somebody fall asleep!"
  • "Why is it that whenever I harness someone's dreams, I always get sheep...?"

Trap Quotes

  • "Come on, Skylander, we can make a real dream team!"
  • "O...M...G.....!!!" - when captured
  • "SO not cool, Portal Master. I don't know how you sleep at night... but I'll find out..."
  • "This won't be so bad... maybe good is the new evil."
  • "DREAM TIIIIIMMMEEE...!!!" - entering the game
  • "Dreamcatcher present!"
  • "Ready to rock!"
  • "Tell me I'm not dreaming!"
  • "This place totally reminds me of being back in school." - occasionally in the Academy
  • "I love the Skaletones. I mean, skeletons rocking out? That's that, right?"
  • "Not bad - for a Skylander."
  • "For a lame Skylander, you're actually pretty cool."
  • "So dreamy!"
  • "Pretty sweet!"
  • "Sleep tight!"
  • "OMG! That's totally me he's talking about!" - When entering a Villain Zone
  • "Admiring my stats." - When checking stats
  • "Uh, hello. Sounds like they've got a job for me." - Quest

Chongo Quotes

Dreamcatcher appears in Eye Five's villain quest as a host for the game of Chongo and acts a lot nicer. She explains that this is because the quest takes place in Doublooney's dream. She also wears a pair of swirly X-ray glasses.

  • "Let's play Chongo!"
  • "Awesome! You just survived the first round of Chongo. And yes - I'm a whole lot nicer here because, hey, it's this guy's dream. Ready to move on to the next round? Great!"
  • "Not bad! Looks like we've got ourselves a big winner here and no, I am not being sarcastic! But can you survive the Lightning Round? Let's find out!"
  • "You've survived the Lightning Round! Want to know what you won! A new car? Even better, an all expenses paid trip to the Super Lightning Round!"
  • "Hey! You've won a special prize! What can it be?"
  • "A brand new flamethrower!"
  • "A lifetime supply of bombs!"
  • "A rocket hat! Always in fashion!"
  • "A flying saucer? What the hey, give it a shot!"
  • "I can't believe we're just giving that away!"
  • "OMG!"
  • "Uh-oh. The audience is getting totally bored!"
  • "That's how you play Chongo!"

Battlecast Quotes

  • "Welcome to your nightmare." - Battle Introduction
  • "You're so going down."
  • "Totally in!" - swapping in
  • "I'm outta here." - swapping out
  • "Time to chill."
  • "So awesome!" - rank up

Villain Quest

Villain Theme ♫


  • When standing in place, Dreamcatcher floats like a pendulum, alluding to actual dreamcatchers.
  • In one of her dialogues at the Skylanders Academy, Dreamcatcher mentions that both she and Persephone used to be friends.
  • She is voiced by Tara Platt, who also voices the Water Skylander Punk Shock.
  • She shares a few similarities with Bill Cipher: both wear a bow of some sort, only existed in a dream realm at one point, are antagonistic demonic creatures, and are mostly formed of a basic shape.
  • Dreamcatcher bears a slight resemblance to Little Miss Naughty from the Mr. Men book series.
  • She is one of three villains to say "Heads up!". The others are Hood Sickle Bomb Shell and Luminous.
    • However, she only says this in her Skystone ability or when on a bounce pad.
  • Her villain quest won't work with two players.
  • Oddly, when Dreamcatcher is trapped, the game will announce her as "defeated" rather than "trapped" like the other villains.
  • In the Wii version, her eyes are pink instead of white.
  • As well as being friends to the Golden Queen, she actually shares a few similarities.
    • Both are the only female Doom Raiders.
    • Both have the intention of thievery rather than ambitious villainous plots.
    • They are the only Doom Raiders whose chapters do not have zones where Skylanders of their element are stronger.
  • Dreamcatcher, Nightshade and Luminous are the only Doom Raiders who are not involved in any part of Skylanders: SuperChargers (if not counting Skystones Overdrive cards, unlocked by using their traps).


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