This article is about the animal species within the Skylanders Academy continuity. You may be looking for the species canon to the main storyline.

Dragons are large reptilian creatures and a major species of the Skylanders Academy television series. These creatures are capable of flight and elemental breaths, usually fire, and many of its dragon-kinds have played a major role in Skylands' history.

List of Dragons

Violet Dragons

Violet dragons are dragons that rule over the Undead element. Though this kind has yet to be seen in large numbers, important violet dragons are the Dragon King of Cadaverous Crypts, Malefor, and his daughter, Cynder.

Spyro's ancestors

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Spyro's dragon ancestors are known for their red eyes, impenetrable scales and their stacked, pyramid-shaped tail spikes. This dragon species was given a most important task along with various other dragons: the protection of the Core of Light with the help of their guardian, Master Eon. However during the Great War, the dark wizard Strykore corrupted the dragons by consuming their light, turning them against the tool they protected. Desperate to save it, Master Eon tapped into powers unknown to him, and sealed Spyro's race in another dimension.

Though it is unknown how it was secured, only a purple dragon egg remained, which eventually hatched into Spyro. Master Eon, fearing that Spyro would endanger himself trying to discover the sealed dimension, removed all evidence of their existence; destroying their pages in the Dragon Book and hiding a fossil of one of their tails in the Relics Room. However in It Techs Two, Spyro would eventually learn the truth from Master Eon on why he was the last of his dragonkind in Skylands.

In Raiders of the Lost Arkus, Part 2, after losing his physical form, Eon was able to travel to other realms and discovered the whereabouts of where Spyro's dragonkind were sent to. At the end of the episode, Eon and Spyro both left Skylanders Academy to travel to the realm to personally meet with Spyro's family.



  • The Dragon Book in the Skylanders Academy has its pages about Spyro's ancestors missing. However, the page that comes right after them has a dragon skeleton with wings on its clavicles rather than shoulder blades; a description that only matches Malefor as of Season 2.
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