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Dragons are one of the native species of Skylands. They come in all shapes and sizes and are closely connected to the elements. Younger dragons are highly adaptive to their surroundings, making the way they are raised a key factor in determining their adult forms, powers and personalities. Dragons are also pranksters.[1] It is mentioned in many of the Dragons' biographies that they tend to be outsiders. Despite being shunned by those around them, dragons do have a strong sense of responsibility or purpose.


Although the known trait for dragons is their ability to breathe fire, each dragon Skylander puts their own elemental twist on this talent.[2] Dragons also can live for hundreds of years, such as Ramses for example who was able to rule over his land for centuries, and is still alive to this day. Dragons possess powerful magic, which makes them immune to mind control and can even be used to reverse the power of the rogue Ancient, Brain.

Purple Dragons, like Spyro and Malefor, are a rare species of dragon who are associated with the Magic element. This allows them to harness the power of the other elements. There are also many other species of dragons, such as Water Dragons, Snow Dragons, Bone Dragons, and many more, each with their own unique abilities.


One of the notable realms inhabited by dragons is called Dragon's Peak, also known as the Island of Scalos, where the oldest and largest of their kind reside. Another dragon realm is the Dragon Temple, far above the mainlands of Skylands, where all the dragons in Skylands live in "dubious" harmony with the Sheep.

Since few Dragons other than the Skylanders are encountered elsewhere, the Dragons may very well be one of the rarest species in all of Skylands.


Dragon King

The Dragons in Skylanders are apparently ruled by a King, who resides in the realm of Dragon's Peak, a place that is considered special to dragons because whichever sits on the Dragon's Throne becomes the new king, and where the oldest and largest of their kind reside. Ramses is the current Dragon King, having ruled over the lands with peace and harmony for centuries. Some fear that Vathek, an Undead dragon and Ramses's evil brother, may one day try to steal the throne. However, Vathek eventually took the throne himself and ruled as king of Dragon's Peak, but was soon thwarted by the Skylanders.

Malefor also carries the title of Undead Dragon King, however, it is unknown if it is related to the throne of Scalos.

Dragon Politics of Dragon's Peak

The Dragons used to vote for their leaders but their political system became so complex, no one could understand it. Even the act of voting became difficult for most Dragons. And those who wanted to rule had to campaign and make speeches, and nobody in particular liked it so they finally just said, forget it. Whoever sits on the throne is King. Luckily, for them, the first to do so was Ramses. Not only was he the quickest to sit down but he happened to also be the most qualified to lead.[3]

Rite of Passage

According to Spyro, all Dragons must take the paths of Fire or Ice and Brains or Brawn at the Dragon Temple before they reach adulthood, representing of their personalities.

Notable Dragon Characters


Dragon Element
Spyro Icon Spyro
Dark Spyro Icon Dark Spyro
Elite Spyro Icon Elite Spyro
Legendary Spyro Icon Legendary Spyro
Spry Icon Spry MagicSymbolSkylanders
Cynder Icon Cynder
Skeletal Cynder Icon Skeletal Cynder
Camo Icon Camo LifeSymbolSkylanders
High Five Icon High Five LifeSymbolSkylanders
Zap Icon Zap WaterSymbolSkylanders
Echo Icon Echo WaterSymbolSkylanders
Sunburn Icon Sunburn FireSymbolSkylanders
Fire Kraken Icon Fire Kraken
Jade Fire Kraken Icon Jade Fire Kraken
Whirlwind Icon Whirlwind
Elite Whirlwind Icon Elite Whirlwind
Polar Whirlwind Icon Polar Whirlwind
Breeze Icon Breeze AirSymbolSkylanders
Blades Icon Blades
Legendary Blades Icon Legendary Blades
Bash Icon Bash
Birthday Bash Icon Birthday Bash
Legendary Bash Icon Legendary Bash
Bop Icon Bop EarthSymbolSkylanders
Flashwing Icon Flashwing
Jade Flashwing Icon Jade Flashwing
Drobot Icon Drobot TechSymbolSkylanders
Drobit Icon Drobit TechSymbolSkylanders
Blackout Icon Blackout DarkSymbolSkylanders
Spotlight Icon Spotlight LightSymbolSkylanders

Non-Skylander Dragons



  • Purple Dragons having the power to harness the power of the other elements is a direct reference to the dragons from The Legend of Spyro series.
  • Although most dragons fly, Fire Kraken, Bash, Zap, Echo, and Camo can't fly due to lacking wings.
    • Oddly, Sunburn, Flashwing, Blades, Spotlight and Blackout have wings, but cannot fly properly in the games they appear in, though they are all seen flying in their promotional videos.
  • Camo, Blades, Echo, and Spotlight are the only dragons without the ability to travel faster.
  • While male dragons have teeth (except for Sunburn), female dragons have no visible teeth. Cynder, however, has teeth in her Skylanders Academy design.
  • All dragons in the games appear to be similarly-shaped quadrupeds, with the exception of Fire Kraken who is a biped. 
  • After each of the 8 original Elements received a dragon Skylander in Spyro's Adventure, Earth, Fire, Air, Life and Water each received 1 additional dragon in subsequent games. Flashwing, Fire Kraken, Blades, High Five and Echo, respectively.
  • Whirlwind, Sunburn, Camo, and High Five are currently the only draconic hybrids.
  • Fire Kraken, High Five, Sleep Dragon and Flam Bam are the only dragons with two words in their names instead of one (not counting alternate counterparts).
  • Spitfire, the leader of the SuperChargers, greatly resembles a dragon.
  • Camo is the only of the original dragons that lacks a move that alters his movement speed.
  • Sunburn is the only of the original dragons to have no new figures since his Series 1.
  • The Skylander Dino-Rang is often mistaken for a dragon, which makes him angry.[4]
  • The Cloudbreather Dragon is currently the largest Dragon specimen in the series.
  • With the exception of Spyro, Cynder is the only dragon Skylander to appear at the dragon gathering in the Dragon Temple. However, she cannot be interacted in this appearance, until Cursed Tiki Temple.


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