Dragon Temple is the eighth level in Skylanders: Imaginators. It is home to all the Dragons in Skylands. These creatures and the Sheep live in harmony around the islands of the temple. Spyro brings the Skylander here in order to use Dragon Magic to reverse the brainwashing effect that Kaos and Brain had unleashed upon Skylands. However they discover that the residential Sheep have fell under the villains' power, and dragons are nowhere in sight. This chapter introduces the Dragon Wings, items that were previously inaccessible in certain previous chapters.


  • Reach the Dragon Temple
  • Glide down to Skylands

Areas to Find

  • Floating Foothills
  • The Fork of Fire and Ice
    • The Trial of Fire
    • The Trial of Ice
  • Stepping-Stone Isles
  • The Fork of Brains and Brawn
    • Element: Magic
      • The Trial of Brains
      • The Trial of Brawn
  • Alpine Ascent
  • Frozen Heights
  • The Dragon Temple
  • Aerial Descent
    • Element: Air

New Enemies

Soul Gems



  • Cynder can be seen among the many dragons at the end of the level.
    • Another dragon also has the same color scheme as the elder dragon Volteer, from The Legend of Spyro series. However, because he cannot be interacted with, it is unknown if the reference is intentional.
  • A large dragon greatly resembling the Cloudbreather Dragon can be seen flying in the Aerial Descent Dragon Wings portion of the chapter.
  • Even though it is called the home of dragons in the game, it's never mentioned if it's part of the Dragon's Peak region.
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