The Dragon Hunter is a villain who appears in the Dragon Spine race track of Skylanders: SuperChargers. His signature vehicle is the Scale Biter.

Not much is currently known about Dragon Hunter. He was created just for racing[1] and is one of the Land-based villains unlocked by the Land Trophy.



  • His body shape and voice resemble the Rush Crushers.
  • Dragon Hunter is absent in Skylanders: SuperChargers Racing, where he is replaced by Dr. Krankcase.
  • In the Chomped microcomic, multiple Dragon Hunters with the same appearance work for the Chompy Mage during his attack on several towns. They hold a hatred for Dragons and were equipped with special weapons to take Spyro and Spitfire down, as well as their own Scale Biters.
  • Though he has no themes relating to the Tech element, Tech-elemental Traps and Portal Master Powers activate while using him.


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