The Doom Jet is Kaos's signature Vehicle in Skylanders: SuperChargers. It resembles his floating throne at the Sky Eater, and has a powerful arsenal of power that surpasses other Sky Vehicles easily.

Like all Villain Vehicles, it is unlocked with a Trophy figure. However, unlike the others, it is unlocked without having to first beat it in a Boss Pursuit race.


  • The jet is by far the most powerful vehicle in the game, able to take down other players with few hits, while others have unreliable or weaker skills.
    • Doom Jet is also a SWAP Force combination of Doom Stone's top half and Boom Jet's bottom half.
    • The Doom Jet also resembles the Greeble Airships from Skylanders: Swap Force.
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Kaos Trophy
Doom Jet (Sky)
Land Trophy
Chompy Buster - Scale Biter - Spirit Dragster - Steam Roller
Sea Trophy
Glitter Glider - The Lil' Phantom Tide - Rune Slider - Wave Singer
Sky Trophy
Sky Scrambler - Storm Striker - Sub Woofer - Toaster Bomber

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