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The Distorted Dimensions were a challenge level in Skylanders: Ring of Heroes. Hidden behind a Mystery Elemental Gate in the Shattered Islands, it houses the rifts leftover by Kaos' reckless dark magic spells, which have combined into a series of labyrinths across mysterious ruins and elemental vaults.

Though Master Eon successfully discovered the dimensions first and closed the dimensional rifts leading to these realms, villains all over Skylands attempted to claim the remaining rifts and their powerful Mind Magic for themselves. Now, to obtain Upgrade ElixirsElemental Ores and Runes, the heroes must fight through every labyrinth and defeat the invaders and the once peaceful guardians.

The Distorted Dimensions was discontinued in the game's reboot, but the assets of the Dark Dimension were reused in the Awakening Dimension Investigation.

Beast Labyrinths Missions

Beast Labyrinths drop runes from the first 5 levels of Adventure Mode, with a Ruins Guardian as a boss.

Wail Labyrinths

Wailing Labyrinths drop runes from the last 5 levels of Adventure Mode, with the Troll King as a boss.

Elemental Dungeons Missions

Each Elemental Dungeon drops Upgrade Elixirs and Elemental Ores of its corresponding affinity and has an Elemental Destroyer as a boss.



RoH Berserker.png
  • The Distorted Dimension is based on the Cairos Dungeon from Summoners War, using the same mechanics; though with new areas to accommodate the extra elements from the Skylanders franchise.
  • In the game's beta, the Troll King was instead Walrus-like bosses called Berserkers corresponding to each element, but they were scrapped.
    • The Wail Labyrinth also had the level design of the Cave of Gold and was later changed to look similar to the Beast Labyrinth.
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