Dirt Sharks are one of the native inhabitants of Skylands. They resemble land-based humanoid sharks. Their notable ability is to swim through the ground as if it was water. One notable Dirt Shark, Terrafin, is one of the Earth Skylanders.

Apart from Terrafin, Dirt Sharks made their notable appearance in Skylanders: Swap Force, where they are shown to also reside in the Cloudbreak Islands. They live in the desert areas of the islands, such as Iron Jaw Gulch and Motleyville.

Notable Dirt Sharks


  • Dirt Sharks are a reference to the fictional creature known as a Landshark, either a bipedal shark or a regular shark that could travel through sand and dirt; and Dirt Sharks are both.
  • The Dirt Sharks in the Cloudbreak Islands have tails.
  • Dirt Sharks are shown to have much stronger jaws than regular sharks, as one outlaw Dirt Shark in the 'Goldslinger micro comic' bit a clean piece off a metal badge.
    • Terrafin and Terrabite are the only known Dirt Shark from other regions, and such the only ones lacking a tail.
  • Unlike regular sharks, Dirt Sharks have eyelids, with Sharpfin frequently blinking.
  • There are shown to be small pirhana-like Dirt Sharks which can be summoned by Terrafin to attack foes, and a large realistic looking Dirt Shark that can be summoned by Shark Shooter Terrafin when upgraded enough.
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