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“Fear the Fish!”
    —Deep Dive Gill Grunt's official catchphrase

Deep Dive Gill Grunt is the SuperChargers counterpart of Gill Grunt in Skylanders: SuperChargers. His signature vehicle is the Reef Ripper.


Gill Grunt now possesses a trident which he can jab his opponents with, and unleash powerful blasts of Lightning with it. Gill Grunt can now use his jet pack to create waves to wash away foes. His Soul Gem allows him to use his trident to summon a storm which rains lightning down on enemies.


These are the starting and maximum Statistics for this Skylander in Skylanders: SuperChargers.

  • Health: 270 (Lv. 20: 810)
  • Speed: 15
  • Armor: 24
  • Critical Hit: 6
  • Elemental Power: 25

These are the starting and maximum Statistics for this Skylander in Skylanders: Imaginators.

  • Health: 270 (Lv. 20: 810)
  • Attack: 10 (Lv. 20: 60)
  • Armor: 4 (Lv. 20: 29)
  • Speed: 2 (Lv. 20: 32)
  • Luck: 6 (Lv. 20: 26)

Warning: These stats are not used in any of the Skylander games. They are only listed for completeness reasons.

  • Strength: 200
  • Defense: 210
  • Agility: 110
  • Luck: 180

These stats are used in Skylanders: SuperChargers Racing.

  • Top Speed: 12
  • Acceleration: 12
  • Handling: 15
  • Firepower: 15
  • Armour: 12

Racing Stats

In Skylanders: SuperChargers Racing, Deep Dive Gill Grunt is almost completely balanced in his stats. All of them are good, with his Handling and Firepower being marginally better than his other stats.

As a SuperCharger, he has access to the vehicle mods. When paired with his Reef Ripper, he gains a great boost to his Handling and moderate boosts to his Acceleration and Firepower. Small boosts are added to the Top Speed and Armour.

As an AI racer, he uses the Gold Rusher with the Gearwork Kit mods for Land races, the Buzz Wing for Sky races, and his Reef Ripper with the SuperCharged mods for Sea races.


Basic Abilities
These abilities are available from the start of the game.
Soul Gem Ability
Requires Soul Gem from:
Random Treasure Chests/Academy Store
Trident Thrust Power of the Seas
Storm of the Seas
Deep Dive Gill Gruntprimarypower.png
Primary Ability
Press Attack 1 to attack enemies with your trident.
Deep Dive Gill Gruntsecondarypower.png
Secondary Ability
Press Attack 2 to attack enemies with a long range lightning attack.
Deep Dive Gill Gruntsoulgempower.png
Price: 4000
Hold down Attack 2 while not using the jetpack to summon a powerful lightning storm!
Basic Upgrades
Skylanders can buy new abilities from Persephone/Power Pods.
Typhoon Turbine Jetpack Trident True Wild Whirlpool Trident Unleashed
Deep Dive Gill Gruntbasicupgrade1.png
Price: 500
Press Attack 3 to begin hovering with your Jetpack.
Press Attack 1 to dash forward or Press Attack 2 to send out a tidal wave.
Press Attack 3 again to land on the ground.
Deep Dive Gill Gruntbasicupgrade2.png
Price: 700
Hold Attack 1 when not using the Jetpack to rapidly attack nearby enemies.
Deep Dive Gill Gruntbasicupgrade3.png
Price: 900
Hold Attack 2 while using the Jetpack to create a large whirlpool that damages nearby enemies.
Deep Dive Gill Gruntbasicupgrade4.png
Price: 1200
Trident attacks do more damage. Unleash the Trident!
Torrent Tamer
View Storm Summoner
Learn how to ride on massive waves and damage enemies in you way!
Wave Jumper Tubular Tidal Wave Drive the Wave
Deep Dive Gill Gruntpath1upgrade1.png
Price: 1700
Press Attack 3 to begin hovering with your Jetpack. Press Attack 3 again to land on the ground. Entering or exiting Jetpack mode causes a water explosion that damages nearby enemies.
Deep Dive Gill Gruntpath1upgrade2.png
Price: 2200
Press Attack 2 to shoot out three large waves in Jetpack mode.
Deep Dive Gill Gruntpath1upgrade3.png
Price: 3000
Hold Attack 1 in Jetpack mode to ride a huge tidal wave!
Storm Summoner
View Torrent Tamer
Channel the power of the storms of the sea and electrify your attacks!
Lightning Strikes Shocking Transition Lightning Build-Up
Deep Dive Gill Gruntpath2upgrade1.png
Price: 1700
Hold Attack 1 while not using the Jetpack to rapidly attack nearby enemies with lightning.
Deep Dive Gill Gruntpath2upgrade2.png
Price: 2200
Press Attack 3 to begin with hovering with your Jetpack. Press Attack 3 again to land on the ground. Entering Jetpack mode causes a lightning explosion that damages nearby enemies.
Deep Dive Gill Gruntpath2upgrade3.png
Price: 3000
Lightning attacks do more damage. Storm powered!


Battle Cries

  • "Fear the fish!"
  • "Gillmen never give up!"
  • "Time to fish or cut bait!" -Upon entering a vehicle
  • "Gill power!" - when leveling up
  • "Fins of fury!"
  • "A fine booty." -When collecting treasure
  • "Quite the lure!"
  • "Money!"
  • "Looking good. Looking good." -When checking stats

Quest Quotes

  • "Fightin' pirates keeps me sharp. I've been all across the Eleven Seas searchin' for what they took from me."
  • "Nah, I'm just a soldier who's good at getting' out of hot waters."
  • "She's ship-shape, and ready for anything. Just say the word, skipper - uh, I mean Buzz... oh."
  • "Thank you, sir! Just doin' our part for the team."
  • "That goes without sayin', ha! What is it?"
  • "That's a good offer, Buzz, but I'd be a fish out of water. I'll leave that to you."

Character Trailers

See also


Deep Dive Gill Grunt/Gallery


  • Unlike his previous versions, Deep Dive Gill Grunt's water jetpack (if the Water Weaver path isn't chosen) doesn't require seconds of recharging.
    • However, the feature of his new jetpack is based on choosing the Water Weaver path.
  • He, Zap, Punk Shock, and Wham-Shell are the only Water Skylanders with electricity-based abilities.
    • Deep Dive Gill Grunt is the first Water Skylander that can use electricity-based abilities, but is not from royalty. 
  • When he, Big Bubble Pop Fizz, Super Shot Stealth Elf and Bone Bash Roller Brawl are placed on the portal, they say their official catchphrases in a slightly different tone of their voices.
    • This also applies to most of their quotes, which have been completely re-recorded. 
  • Deep Dive Gill Grunt has similarities to the DC Comics hero, Aquaman. Both are connected to sea life, both have green and orange in their color schemes and they both have tridents for weapons.
  • Although not included in the game, Deep Dive Gill Grunt can be seen on the promo art of Skylanders: Ring of Heroes.[1]


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