Days of Future Crash is the ninth episode of Skylanders Academy Season 3.


Eruptor and Spyro need to talk to Crash Bandicoot, so they travel back in time to find him. But when they return, the present isn't like they left it.


Dark Spyro's recent attempts on opening the Wumpan Puzzle Box ends in failure, and he is unable to plot other methods when Eruptor makes a disturbance. Eruptor shares his trouble with an unfinished research paper about the Wumpa Islands, and wishes for Crash Bandicoot to help him, but recalls that the bandicoot lives in the Wumpa Islands. This revelation leads to Dark Spyro suggesting that they time travel to the past where Crash Bandicoot ended up in the Skylands, by secretly using Jet-Vac's time disruptor so that Crash can help Eruptor with his research paper while Dark Spyro secretly intends to use the bandicoot to open the Wumpan Puzzle Box.

When they enter Jet-Vac's quarters, Eruptor grabs and activates the device that sends them to the Falling Forest at the time where Crash is assisting the Skylanders search for a dark relic. Eruptor urges that they hurry since there's a risk they might accidentally alter the past. They manage to separate Crash from the Skylanders unnoticed, and fills in Crash of their help but the bandicoot becomes too enraptured by the time disruptor's capabilities that he ignores Spyro's question about the Wumpan Puzzle box. Crash suddenly performs a crazy stunt but trips on a rock, causing him to drop the time disruptor which activates and sends Eruptor and Dark Spyro back to the present. However to their shock, Crash was also taken with them.

Eruptor's fears become true, when they check outside and discover that the Skylands has turned into a desolate landscape with the Academy destroyed, since Crash's presence altered the timeline. They are unable to repair it quickly, when they learn that the time disruptor lost power, preventing Crash from being sent back. Eruptor suggests they seek the Skylanders' help from the timeline they're stuck in, but a Mabu reveals that they were all defeated by Glumshanks, who now rules the Skylands with fear.

King Glumshanks orders his Mabu servants to bring his meals, where Kaos, now also his servant, is ordered to taste test every dish for any signs of poison. Kaos concludes it to be poison-free, much to Glumshanks's disappointment. Afterwards, he orders Kaos to entertain him by dancing foolishly while Glumshanks tries to zap him with his magic. Fortunately, Kaos manages to persuade his master to observe his precious collection, that turns out to be the defeated Skylanders and Master Eon, frozen in display. Though Glumshanks is still disappointed that they lack Eruptor and Spyro to the collection. A Skylands newsreel reveals the events in the past that helped Glumshanks rise to power, during the confrontation between Kaos, Chompy Mage, and the Skylanders to possess Kaossandra's book of Dark Magic, Glumshanks was able to grab the book for himself and gain powers that led him to defeat everyone who opposed, subjugating the entire Skylands in the process. Eruptor becomes guilt-ridden for their actions caused the collapse of the Skylands. But Eruptor discovers, from the newsreel, that Glumshanks possess another time disruptor within his castle, and plans to use it to fix the timeline.

Kaos returns to his lair, where both he and Kaossandra are kept prisoner. Both Kaos and Kaossandra are benevolent in this timeline, as they ponder of a way to overthrow Glumshanks and restore happiness to the Skylands, but they have little chance with the Skylanders defeated. Even so, Kaos remains determined in his goals.

While Eruptor volunteers to scout the castle's security, Dark Spyro uses the time alone to ask Crash information about Wumpan Puzzle boxes, but to his dismay, the bandicoot is clueless on the subject. Eruptor returns and reveals they have an opening as the troll guards prepare to shift. They stay clear of the troll guards by hiding in a room, only to encounter Kaos. But to their confusion, Kaos is joyful for their presence as he assumes they plan to overthrow Glumshanks, though becomes upset when they only plan to grab the time disruptor. But Crash reassures Kaos of Glumshanks' removal of power if he helps them in possessing the device so they can prevent Glumshanks from ruling the Skylands. Kaos accepts, and prepares to provide the key, which is kept in a Wumpan Puzzle Box. Dark Spyro is shocked to witness Kaos of easily opening it with the touch of his hand. Kaos explains a Wumpan Puzzle box can only be opened by a person who is "true of heart".

Kaos uses the key to deactivate security of the time disruptor. As they prepare to leave, Eruptor discovers in horror the frozen figures of Master Eon and their teammates. This changes Eruptor's mind that they remain, since there's a possibility they've created a splinter timeline and events will not change despite Crash's return. Dark Spyro frustratingly shows little regard of their fate, but Eruptor remains adamant and commits to help overthrow Glumshanks. Glumshanks arrives, with Kaos appearing to still serve him, and prepares to add Eruptor and Spyro to the collection. Tired of his tyrannical master, Kaos finally revolts and duels Glumshanks' powers, while also managing to unfreeze the Skylanders. Crash moves in to help and single-handedly overwhelms Glumshanks and the troll guards. Glumshanks submits to defeat, with Kaos punishing him to hit his head on the wall 20 times.

The Skylanders, Kaos, and Kaossandra express their gratitude of overthrowing Glumshanks, as Kaos and Kaossandra prepare themselves to rule the Skylands with benevolence. Master Eon questions Dark Spyro and Eruptor's presence, where they explain they're from a different timeline. Regardless, the alternate Stealth Elf hugs his two best friends for always being reliable, putting Dark Spyro in an awkward position. Eruptor sends Crash Bandicoot back to his timeline, while Eruptor and Spyro return to their's. They become relieved that they managed to fix the present, but Eruptor realizes that classes have started and he has made no progress on his research paper. Spyro does nothing to reassure him, faulting him for "cutting corners".

Dark Spyro returns to his room and attempts to open the Wumpan Puzzle box after learning the secret to its access. He takes a deep breath, and meditates to be "true of heart". Nothing happens, as the box still refuses to open. Dark Spyro throws the box in frustration, realizing it will never open because of his evil nature.

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  • Dark Spyro learns that Wumpan Puzzle Boxes open automatically to those who are true of heart.


  • The title of the episode is a reference to the 2014 movie, X Men: Days of the Future Past.
    • It is also a reference to the album Days of Future Past by The Moody Blues.
  • Starting with this episode, Crash Bandicoot is not voiced by Eric Rogers. This is due to him stepping down from being the showrunner. Instead, Rhys Darby took over the role of Crash.
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