The Darkness Command Ship (also known as the Dark Gillan) is a large flying vessel that appears in Skylanders: SuperChargers as an optional boss in Spell Punk Library.


This boss fight can be found in the level Spell Punk Library and in a book called "Charge of the First Light Squadron", but it can only be fought if the player has a Sky Vehicle. When the Skylander defeats all of the flying forces, the Darkness Command Ship appears and takes on the battle. Though it was a force to be reckoned with, it was defeat by the Skylander.

Boss Battle

In this battle, the Darkness Command Ship only displays three attacks. To start off, it has two projectile attacks: five-way missile shots and a large energy beam. Once it lose half of its health, it will fly into the middle and start firing the energy beam while spinning to hit the Skylander with it, before returning to its original position to resume firing missiles.


  • The Darkness Command Ship is the first and only boss in Skylanders: SuperChargers to be an optional boss that is the only boss fight on that level.

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