Darklight Crypt is an Adventure Pack level unlocked by using the Darklight Crypt Adventure Pack of Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. Ghost Roaster is included exclusively with this adventure pack.

Here, the Skylanders have the ability to switch between the Ghost World and the Real World using Spectral Shifting Platforms to get through obstacles. On the Wii version, once this level has been completed, Batterson's Pies will appear in other levels.


Upon arriving, the Skylander meet with a Molekin chef named Batterson who told the Skylander of the previous events of the Undead having stopped eating the brains of the living and started eating the Molekin's pies. However, they recently stopped buying pies and began causing an uprising. He then showed the Skylander the differences between the real world and Ghost World using the Spectral Shifting Platforms. Afterwards, Batterson explained that the bank will take away his business if he doesn't get any sales soon, and tasked the Skylanders to find out why the Undead had stopped buying pies.

When they entered the Crypt, the Skylander was greeted by a giant eyeball monster named Occulous, who is surprised to see a non-ghost in the Ghost World. Reaching the Haunted Village where the Undead reside, the Skylander encountered a ghost named Gallant, who told the Skylander about Occulous's true nature. The eyeball monster came to the village one day and outlawed all pies, proceeding to force the Undead to do bad things to the Living against their will. The Skylander then agreed to help rid the Haunted Village of Occulous' rule and navigated through the monster's maze to reach him.

With the help of Gallant, the Skylanders defeated Occulous, allowing the Undead to finally eat pies again and saving Batterson's business.


  • Find the Undead Customer

Areas to Find

  • Batterson's Pie Shop (Console)
  • Haunted Courtyard
  • The Dark Labyrinth
  • The Parapets
  • Haunted Village (Console)
  • Hedge Maze (Console)
  • Beyond the Maze

Extra Areas

The Necropolis (Console)

A PvP arena that is unlocked when the figure is first placed on the Portal of Power.

Wighthaunt (3DS)

Wighthaunt is a level exclusive to the 3DS version of Spyro's Adventure.

Magic Items

The adventure pack comes with three magic items. To use an item, simply place it on the Portal of Power in the same way you would a Skylander. Only one Magic Item can be active at the same time.

  • Darklight Crypt
When used in the Ruins, the crypt grants access to the Darklight Crypt chapter.
When used during a chapter, the crypt unleashes a swarm of ghosts at everything on the screen. It deals 999 damage to all enemies and can only be used once per chapter.
The elixir restores health to all Skylanders currently on the portal for approximately 25 seconds. The amount of healing given is 450, in bursts of 30 every few seconds. It can be removed to save part of its healing for later during the chapter, but once it is out of energy it cannot be used again until the chapter is left or completed.
(Described as "Time Twister" on the packaging.) This hourglass slows time for everything but the Skylander for 30 seconds. It can be removed to save part of its power for later during the chapter, but once it is out of energy it cannot be used again until the chapter is left or completed.



  • In the other console versions of Spyro's Adventure, the title of the chapter's story scroll has Darklight spelled incorrectly as "Draklight."
  • The title, Darklight Crypt is Dark and Light, just like the switches in the level.
    • Future games would have Dark and Light rediscovered as full Skylander elements; however, only the Dark symbol on the Platforms is used for the element, while Light has a more stylized version of a sun design.
    • This game also still conflated the darkness with the Undead element, while Dark would later have aesthetics completely removed from the supernatural.
  • For some reason, in some versions of Spyro's Adventure, the Hidden Treasure item does not work well in the Darklight Crypt.
  • Although, this and the Pirate Seas were the first two Adventure packs to be released, Empire of Ice (which was the third released Adventure pack) was listed ingame as the first chapter of the Adventure packs while the Pirate Seas and Darklight Crypt were listed as 2nd and 3rd chapters.
  • In the Wii version of Spyro's Adventure and Giants, the ghosts buying Batterson's pies were replaced with skeletons, all of which resemble T-Bone.
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