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Dark Subjugation is a challenge area in the rebooted Skylanders: Ring of Heroes where players can face off against illusions of Kaos. Portal Masters battle against Kaos in three phases to check the limits of their Skylanders. They must deal enough damage as much as possible on the Kaos illusions during a fixed number of turns that will determine their rank. Players can participate three times a day and their progress is ranked. The ranking refreshes every day, and a weekly ranking which is tallied up on a weekly basis. Players can check the growth of their Skylanders every day with the daily ranking and can compare the strength of their Skylanders with other Portal Masters with the weekly ranking.

Superboost Keys can only be found in Dark Subjugation.

In an update, an elimination feature was added allowing users to spend one of their daily entries to get rewards based on the player's highest score of the day.

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