The Dark Edition Vehicles are a set of Vehicles which can be transformed into darker versions of themselves by activating the power of the Petrified Darkness within them. They mainly take on a black and silver color scheme, though some of their parts retain their original colors, most notably Dark Hot Streak's wheels.

Available in the Dark Edition Starter Packs of Skylanders: SuperChargers and its Racing counterpart, the Dark Edition Vehicles are paired with Dark Edition SuperChargers. Three of the vehicles are available with their signature pilots, while the Dark Sea Shadow is paired with Dark Super Shot Stealth Elf instead of Nightfall.

List of Dark Edition Vehicles

Vehicles Element Terrain
Dark Barrel Blaster Icon.png Dark Barrel Blaster Tech Land
Dark Clown Cruiser Icon.png Dark Clown Cruiser Air Sky
Dark Hot Streak Icon.png Dark Hot Streak Fire Land
Dark Sea Shadow Icon.png Dark Sea Shadow Dark Sea



  • The Dark Sea Shadow is the only Dark Edition figure to also be part of the Dark element.
  • Apart from the Dark Hot Streak, each Dark Edition Vehicle is currently the only Dark Edition figure of their respective element.
  • Dark Hot Streak is the only Dark Edition Vehicle to be available in all the different versions of the Dark Edition Starter Packs. Dark Barrel Blaster is exclusive to Wii U, Dark Clown Cruiser is exclusive to Wii, and Dark Sea Shadow is exclusive to the PlayStation and Xbox versions.
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