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Dark Doom Raiders are corrupted, rampaging forms of the Doom Raiders in Skylanders: Ring of Heroes. In the game's original version, by experimenting with Petrified Darkness during the events of the game, they were temporarily given new forms with different attacks and appearance; using this power to attack Earth Portal Masters on sight and start Guild Invasions. They have color palettes reminscent of the Dark Edition Skylanders, rather than Evilized Enemies. All Dark Doom Raiders were level 70 bosses with infinite health, becoming stronger by every health bar that was depleted and filling up a Rage meter to greatly increase their attacks.

In the revamped version, the Dark Doom Raiders are renamed Shadow Doom Raiders and they hail from the Black Dimension, an alternate timeline where Kaos used Petrified Darkness to rule over them.

Dark Doom Raider Abilities


  • Dark Chompy Mage is stuck in his Giant Chompy form, having all of the attacks normally only avaliable after charging the spell and stacking debuffs to turn them into bigger damage.
  • Dark Gulper gains a twist in his soda mechanic: instead of becoming stunned and losing his attack when the exploding barrel is destroyed, he'll recover and attempt to drink it anyway and rampage across the screen when he realizes it's empty.
  • Dark Chef Pepper Jack doubles down on his explosive abilities, no longer having simply a low chance of causing it. His fire breath is much stronger than before and guarantees the Status Effect mercilessly.
  • Dark Dreamcatcher forgoes her dream illusions entirely for a brutal tornado beatdown. Rather than copying a Skylander's abilities, she forces debuffs onto them and enhances her own abilities, before charging a powerful gust.
  • Dark Golden Queen gains more focus on crowd control, gaining more ways to cast Goldenize and increasing her attack whenever she summons her turrets.
  • Dark Dr. Krankcase uses devastating Endurance-destroying abilities, still relying a bit on Poison and Unrecoverable status effects to keep up the pressure.
  • Dark Pain-Yatta becomes far deadlier and faster by forgoing the Charge on his dancing ability, being able to activate it instantly and replacing his candy barf with his signature Candy Laser from his Imaginators appearance.
  • Dark Wolfgang, like Dark Pain-Yatta, no longer needs to charge some of his attacks, instead gaining a new single-target slash that can cast Horror.
  • Dark Nightshade punishes a long battle, stacking evasion and lowering his opponents' accuracy to then destroy entire teams with his charge move that becomes deadlier if his copycats are still active.
  • Dark Luminous makes his fearsome power yet greater, raining down his Judgement with little effort and gaining a new attack to piece through his opponents' defenses almost entirely.

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  • At least some of the Doom Raiders retained their abilities after the events of the game, because of the existence of Dark Golden Queen and Dark Wolfgang in Skylanders: Imaginators.
    • Oddly, Dark Wolfgang's palette is different in the game, being far brighter than his Imaginators appearance and lacking the silvery shen.
    • Dark Pain-Yatta and Dark Dreamcatcher retain the pink acessories of their original appearances.
  • Dark Pain-Yatta was the only Dark Doom Raider present in the launch revamped version of Ring of Heroes, appearing as the final boss in the Mirage Tower. Later on, they were all readded as bosses of the Black Dimension.
  • Dark Nightshade is the only Dark Edition character to also be of the Dark element.
  • Dark Luminous is the first Dark Edition entity of the Light element.
  • Dark Dreamcatcher and Dark Dr. Krankcase are the first Dark Edition characters of their respective elements (Air and Tech). Before, the first Dark Edition entities of those elements were vehicles (Dark Barrel Blaster and Dark Clown Cruiser).
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